So that's why her makeup always looks so flawless!
Shaving your face can benefit your skin in a variety of ways-just ask Anna Cay! In her latest video, she commended the facial hair removal method as one of the best ways she gets her foundation to look flawless every time (
It does more than just remove hair.
While you probably limit your shaving to your legs and underarms, you might want to consider the hair removal method when it comes to getting rid of unwanted facial hair. ICYDK, shaving your face can actually benefit your skin.In fact, there
Welcome to face shaving 101.
P.S. SHE'S DOING IT WRONG! Dermaplaning should be done with a single-blade razor.There's no shame in wanting to shave your face-men do it regularly so why can't we, right? If you don&#
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