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BRB, writing my own 'face shield appreciation post.'
You guys, it's official: We are not required to wear face shields anymore (it's totally voluntary now) in areas under COVID-19 Alert Levels 1, 2, and 3. Due to the pandemic, wearing face shields on top of
Another quarantine essential.
On August 15, 2020, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and other government agencies issued a memorandum stating that commuters on all modes of transportation and employees in offices are now required to wear face shields along with their masks. The two will
The new normal in the workplace is evolving.
Employees reporting physically for work must wear face shields starting August 15, 2020, Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III told reportr on Wednesday. Face shields will also be required in public transportation on the same day.The additional protection
Before you worry about getting one, here's what you need to know.
The World Health Organization (WHO) said that COVID-19 can be spread "through direct, indirect (through contaminated objects or surfaces), or close contact with infected people via mouth and nose secretions. These include saliva, respiratory secretions, or secretion droplets." This is why