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These won't clog your pores!
Having combination is and has always been complicated-from finding the perfect facial cleanser, to moisturizer, and to foundation; it's always a battle on whether one should go for something hydrating or mattifying.Well, when it comes to foundations, we
They're all less than P800!
Here in the Philippines, not all beauty brands have foundation shades that perfectly match Filipinas with golden or tan skin tones. This is why we put three affordable brands to the test-Features & Shades, Sleek MakeUP, and NYX.We asked one Cosmo
Choose the best foundation for your skin type and lifestyle!
Here, we explain the best things about powders and liquid formulas to help you choose which foundation type is better for you.POWDERIt banishes the shine.Obviously, a powder mattifies your skin. This is a must-have in your kikay kit if
Which one can survive a day of commuting?
For the sake of finding *the most affordable foundation* that can survive sweat and shine, we tested three drugstore compacts for this edition of Beauty Wars.Find out which one is the ~best~ among the three below:Nichido Two-Way
We were at Human Nature's factory to watch it come to life!
For those with sensitive skin, mineral foundation is the safest way to get a smooth and even complexion since it doesn't contain any chemicals and pore-clogging ingredients that could lead to skin breakouts.So when all-natural and cruelty-
You need one right now, seriously.
Contrary to the belief that stick foundations aren't for everyday use because of their thick, heavy coverage, these next-gen finds are lightweight and can shave minutes off your daily makeup routine.It cuts foundation application in half.You simply
Fake a clear, smooth complexion sans foundation!
On days when you want to give your face a break from foundation, try these lightweight makeup products to fake a clear, smooth complexion. We also reveal the ~special~ skincare secret you should know to get rid of scars and discoloration so
Read here to find out what will work for your skin type!
When the sun is shining bright and beads of sweat are dripping down your face, the struggle is real to keep your foundation from melting off or transferring onto your shirt. Even if you use excellent primers and moisturizers to prep your
Why WOULD you cover that lovely face anyway?
If you've ever seen, heard or-if you're really lucky-smelled or felt Tom Hardy, you'll be aware of the fact that he is one of the the HOTTEST humans on planet Earth.I know that's technically a
No to espasol face!
Getting the perfect foundation shade to match your skin tone is crucial, because it can make or break your look. Worry not, because we narrowed down the three major things you need to know to always get it right. Watch the super
What foundation? *Wink!*
Foundations do a good job of making your skin look perfect, but when overdone, your complexion can come across as fake and mask-like. To avoid this, we give you the essentials you need to buff a flawless base that's
Drastic weather and temperature changes in Q4 can do much damage to your face. Browse this gallery to find the skin care products that suit your needs.
As we approach the final quarter of the year, it's when we should brace our skin for the most fickle of weathers: humid one moment, stormy the next; sunny one day, then cool and dry the week after. Aside from our
Two beauty experts answer your most pressing skin concerns with practical tips, and identify just what products you must invest in.
Everyday, our skin battles a lot of enemies: erratic climate changes, pollution, daily stress, and the inevitable aging process. Every woman is constantly in search of the best, most effective beauty products that deliver results the quickest--without burning holes in our
Our Style & Beauty columnist Bianca Valerio suggests products that would help solve our reader's skin concern.
Dear Cosmo,I tried almost all of the whitening face creams in the market to erase my dark spots and improve my uneven skin tone but I'm not satisfied with the results. I want to maintain the smoothness of my skin
Did you know that the right sunnies can create amazing optical illusions for both your face and body? Cosmo shows you how to pick wisely!
They say great things come in pairs. So just like the perfect-fitting pair of jeans, keep in mind these two things when buying your next pair of sunglasses: Shape and Size.No, I wasn't referring to your boyfriend's buddy (
Keep your skin gorgeous and healthy with these facial essentials!