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You'll have 10 minutes to delete your last message!
The last time I accidentally sent a Facebook message to the wrong person, I stared at my phone in shock for what felt like hours. It was a mistake so traumatizing, I still cringe everytime I remember it. I know for a
Hitting snooze never felt so good.
The biggest benefit of being on social media is how easily we can connect with someone without physically being together; maintaining relationships is much easier now than it was just 10 years ago. But do you ever feel like it's too
Facebook's messaging platform, Messenger, is becoming almost as popular as Facebook itself. As of April 2017, Messenger already has 1.2 billion users and counting-that's pretty close to Facebook's 2 billion users.Messenger now has a life of
This is so convenient!
Imagine talking to all your friends, no matter where they are in the world, at the same time. For free. Now, stop daydreaming because this is a real option on Facebook Messenger (seriously, what did we do without Facebook?).As of today,
There could be a load of messages you weren't able to read.
When we discovered the "Other" folder on Facebook last year, it was a mixed reaction of feeling bad we'd accidentally ignored certain people, and feeling thankful we'd never seen some of the creepy messages sooner.But the social network then
Just what EVERYONE needs!
Facebook's been on a roll lately with how it tries to keep up with whatever's going on in the world or in your feed. It improved the Like button, so you can finally show your reaction to someone's post.
Brace yourself for the rejection.
When you've got everyone from that girl you once met in a nightclub toilet queue to your nan as a friend on Facebook, getting a rejection is kind of a big deal.What makes someone ignore your friend request? Is clicking