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'I don’t have control on my page anymore.'
Oh no, Iya Villania's Facebook page got hacked. The 24 Oras showbiz anchor and Mars Pa More host took to her Instagram account to share the news."HACKED!!! Heads up, guys... My Iya Villania FB page has been hacked. I
Foreign vloggers in the Philippines aren't exempted.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued a memorandum on taxation for social media influencers-and yes, they definitely have to do their part, too. Under Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 97-2021 issued on Monday, August 16, the bureau outlined several
This makes it easier for users to change their privacy settings instead of doing it one by one.
On social media platforms where anybody, even strangers, can easily look you up, it's important to have the option to manage your privacy and control who has access to the things you post. Nowadays, Facebook is among the popular apps
'Welcome to my official page.'
It's official: You can now find John Lloyd Cruz on Facebook and on Instagram.The actor launched his social media accounts on May 21, Friday, which bore the verified checkmark."Good vibes is real," Lloydie captioned a photo of his,
They're also adding other audio products that are similar to Clubhouse.
You may have noticed that more and more companies are getting people to talk and listen more than type: There's Calamansi, a type of social media based on voice for Pinoys, and of course, Clubhouse. And it looks like Facebook
'Hindi ko alam sa 'yo pala ako magkakaroon ng sariling pamilya.'
Carlo Aquino's girlfriend Trina Candaza just proved that *manifesting* is real.In a Facebook post on Friday, March 12, Trina shared a post showing the surprising but blissful turn of events in her life since 2018. The post featured two
Have you ever heard of the *Off-Facebook Activity* tool?
Picture this: You're on Facebook and you're mindlessly scrolling through your feed. Maybe you're checking the pages of your favorite K-dramas or you know, trying to see what's been going on in your
An open letter to folks who work in social media.
Social media can be overwhelming sometimes, and it can affect our mental health. The easiest advice to give is to quit it entirely or take a break from it. This could be easy for some, but what if their job involves being
No need for alt accounts.
Facebook Groups have been a crucial part of the quarantine life. It's where we connect with other people who share the same interests and do the same activities as us. It's also where we get to ask for
He is really ~*The King*~!
Happy Monday, Minoz: Lee Min Ho just reached 20 million followers on both Facebook and Instagram, and is officially the first Korean celebrity to achieve such a feat!JUST LEE MIN HO THINGS YOU WILL WANT TO READ:Min Ho's agency,
Stats say there will be 88 million Filipinos on the platform by 2025.
Facebook is in local news after President Rodrigo Duterte called them out in his late-night address on Monday, September 28. The social-media giant recently made headlines after shutting down several accounts and pages-some of which supported the president while
You'll also be able to change the chat colors in your DMs!
Soon, you'll have more reasons to enjoy Instagram. On September 30, the social media app announced new features to be excited about! FOR YOUR NEXT INSTAGRAM POST:Perhaps the biggest update is that Instagram Direct will be linked to Facebook
The couple will be launching their channel on Facebook, too.
Click that subscribe button: Angel Locsin and Neil Arce will be launching their ~*official*~ YouTube and Facebook channel soon. Adorably called "The Angel and Neil Channel," they released a teaser on September 20. READ MORE:Angel Locsin Is Raising Funds To Help
Stand out from the crowd.
At the risk of sounding like your grandma, we've never been more searchable online. From Instagram and Twitter to Depop, a quick Google search of your name will bring up hundreds of results. Which, if you're waiting for a long-
Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, this one’s for you. And yes, it’s for free!
If you're into K-dramas, K-Pop, and basically the entire Korean culture, we know how much you want to understand what your faves are saying (or singing!) without looking at the English subtitles. Lo and behold: The Korean Cultural Center
'We understand the concerns raised by our community in the Philippines.'
Facebook has released a statement on the issue of fake accounts that seems to have taken over the world's biggest social network platform on Sunday, June 7. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Facebook users in the country reported discovering duplicate profiles
It also has AI and AR backgrounds and filters!
Facebook officially launches "Messenger Rooms." In a livestream video, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described this feature as a "group video chat designed with social interactions in mind."This new rollout is part of Mark's video-focused plan for Facebook where
Save our food delivery guys and say no to canceled orders.
Recently, a photo of a Grab Food delivery guy went viral after he was seen crying while eating the food he was supposed to deliver but was canceled by a customer. Because of that viral photo, a new Facebook group was put
It's a way of letting the outside world know that you're both taken.
Think about the last time you posted a couple photo online. You probably spent 10 minutes crafting the cutest caption, feeling kilig the whole time. And it's not just you: Your partner probably had butterflies in their stomach, too.We&#
We love her smile!
Kadenang Ginto may be over, but our obsession with one of the leads, Francine Diaz, is still on. We love her vibe on Insta. She always looks happy in her photos, and her smile is simply contagious. If you want the same ~*