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We really need to talk about this.
It was a typical family day for entrepreneur Pam Baluyo, 43, her husband, 24-year-old daughter, and her uncle on October 9, 2016 as they ambled around SM City BF, ParaƱaque. Then came the friendly voice of a Filipina saleslady
It's all pretty gross.
Some of your fave beauty products probably have microbeads-those tiny, smooth, plastic balls that are said to help exfoliate your skin. They're most often found in face and body wash, but not for long! The US senate just passed a
A facial mask and scrub in one? Yes, please!
Today in amazing two-in-one beauty products: Human Nature's Detoxifying Mask + Scrub.The mask and scrub combo contains all the good stuff for your skin, like strawberry seeds, bamboo granules, kaolin clay, and skin-renewing multifruit extracts. Together, these