Basically, what hasn't gone wrong in Rio?
Ever since it was announced seven years ago that Rio de Janeiro would be home to the 2016 Olympics (the first South American city to host the games), the city has been plagued with problems related to the big gig. Rising crime
Sometimes your best just isn't good enough and that's okay.
Everybody knows that rejection is a part of life. We're sure you've been told that the most successful people failed over and over again before they got their big break and that there will be THOUSANDS of other opportunities waiting
She also says people made her relationship with Justin into something more tragic than it was.
Selena Gomez has made very clear that she'd like the tabloids to stop talking about her and Justin Bieber, and in a new interview with Refinery29, she closes that chapter of her life for good, saying that at this point, there'
Chin up, buttercup.
There are times when we ask ourselves: Why is life so unfair? We work hard continuously, yet things never go our way. Here are some lessons that will help you realize that it is indeed okay to fail sometimes.1. We all
If you never fail, you'll never learn anything about yourself or life. So fail big or go home.
1. That relationship that you wanted so badly to work just didn't. Because you learn that sometimes love and a whole lot of super-hot hookups (that may or may not have started with a post-11 p.m. text that
Nobody wants to make mistakes and deal with the distress and embarrassment that come after. But actually, there are upsides to failure, too.
1. You learn from your mistakes. Failure feels bad, which is why it speeds up your learning curve. For example, taking on a huge work project only to turn it in late teaches you to set more appropriate deadlines when your boss
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