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It was harder than they thought!
As inexpensive and affordable as they may be, fake makeup is never a good idea. Who knows what disgusting things you're putting on your face?! Those extra savings aren't worth it, especially if you have no idea how toxic the
That 'sold out' tag shouldn't be an excuse to look elsewhere.
When you spot someone reselling Kylie Lip Kits online or in a physical store, your obvious reaction might be to feel excited. I mean, those things are usually sold out online! So to see a bunch of shades-at lower prices, no
That knockoff Kylie Lip Kit and 200-peso MAC foundation are SO not worth it. gives you the real deal on counterfeit cosmetics.
Anyone could've been fooled! Real MAC foundation (left) vs. its fake version (right). Cosmo Quickie: This story at a glance!***Designer piracy is no laughing matter. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), the counterfeit trade was
We made you a guide.
Ever wondered how you can spot fake MAC makeup? We made you a guide: Lesson learned? Stick to affordable but good-quality-and safe!-products if you don't want to shell out a lot of money for makeup. And should you
Because they apparently exist now!
It's no secret that Kylie Lip Kits are hard to get your hands on, especially since you can only purchase them online and they're almost always out of stock. That said, people have taken advantage of the situation, and started
You have to see the eye-opening video.
It's no secret that fake cosmetics are readily available in the market, especially in the Philippines where tiangges and bazaars are popular. The awful thing is, there are sellers who actually trick customers into thinking that what they sell are authentic
Be smart about the things you spend on and the products that you put on your face.
Counterfeit items are no longer limited to designer bags and clothes. Unfortunately, illegal manufacturers also produce fake makeup being marketed as authentic and are put up for sale everywhere, including the Philippines. Here, seven things you should know to save yourself from