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'Your hustle is your hustle, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.'
Liza Soberano has had enough of the false information spreading about her business.On August 12, Thursday, Liza took to Twitter to air her frustration and to make clarifications on the matter. According to Liza, rumors were circulating that she's
'Pasensya na.'
Truth be told, there is sooo much information to unload every hour of every single day now that the whole world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. And living in the age of social media does as much harm as it does
So many people fell for this.
As more and more information comes out about coronavirus or COVID-19, most people are doing what they can to be helpful and spread facts, but even in these scary times, there are still internet trolls who insist on spreading false info
Be a responsible online citizen.
No one seems to be able to escape from fake news these days. Even those who don't consider themselves gullible have found themselves appalled by a disturbing video, only to find out later on that it's been altered.
Now, it’s your turn to protect your parentals online.
According to studies published by The Verge, "Facebook users ages 65 and older shared more than twice as many fake news articles than the next-oldest age group of 45 to 65, and nearly seven times as many fake news articles as
Blogger Dee Alfaro has since apologized for her Instagram Stories.
Nadine Lustre recently took to Instagram to share a cryptic message that many are speculating to be a response to a certain blogger's claims about Nadine's relationship with her beau James Reid.Nadine, via Instagram Stories, posted a