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Hello. There's been a very important update in the "Jaime Lannister grew his real hand back" case from this week's Game of Thrones episode. According to some Twitter detectives, there wasn't actually an editing mistake at
'We don't need your BS here.'
Nadine Lustre had some choice words to share with her fans on Instagram yesterday. "To all of our real supporters, we appreciate you all," she said in an Instagram Stories post. "Thank you for showing nothing but love and positivity." Nadine has
When you had no idea what you were doing but acted like you were a pro...professional bolero.
People say everyone should "keep things real," and they call those who don't "fake," "posers," "two-faced," or "plastic." But being "fake" isn't always a bad thing-every adult knows that there are moments when expressing one's true feelings