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It makes a HUGE difference.
Since most of us aren't born with thick, long, and curled eyelashes, we have to pile on the mascara and sometimes apply falsies on top. But we know all fake lashes aren't created equally-the more expensive options
Spoiler: My eyes looked amazing.
While most Pinays are focused on making their kilay thick and bushy, I am obsessed with making my lashes as long and voluminous as possible. And because mascara can only do so much, I sometimes use false eyelashes to get my desired
Falsies are definitely worth a try!
False eyelashes, or falsies, make your eyes ~pop~ instantly and can take your look from day to night. But, putting them on, finding the right shape for your eyes, and caring for each pair may seem daunting to learn. Don't
Use them up to 15 times!
Most Asians aren't blessed in the lash department. But because of falsies, our peepers can now look glamorous whenever and wherever we want! The problem, though, is they're expensive, and if we wore them every day, we'd have to
Still have a fear of falsies?
Applying false lashes is one of the toughest and trickiest makeup steps. Falsies can either make you look really good or really bad-that's why most of us just opt to skip it entirely.We spotted this surprisingly easy-to-follow
Lash glue buuuuurns.
1. Trying to refine your hand-eye coordination while plucking falsies from the packet and lining them up with your eye.2. That glue. It BURNS.3. Gluing your eyes shut.4. And getting the glue ALL over your fingers. SO MUCH
"I have beautiful eyes and I didn't even know!"
BuzzFeed got some guys together to put false eyelashes or falsies on themselves, and their reactions (along with some of their new looks) are just hilarious! Squeezing out a thin line of glue on a falsie was already tough, and one guy
Because maybe you'd actually put falsies on if it were *~EaSiEr~*.
1. Measure the false lashes to your eye. After you've put on your eye shadow-but before you put on your eyeliner-align the false eyelash strip against your lash line to make sure they aren't too long. 2. Cut