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'The weirdest thing was having teenagers wait for me at the airport.'
Riverdale became an instant hit after season one premiered in January 2017, making most of the then-unknown cast household names. We got the chance to sit down with them in Vancouver, Canada (Yes, at the Riverdale set!) where they talked about
Want to trade lives, Selena?
Like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Selena Gomez stopped for a quick Met Gala photo and chat session with Brandon Stanton, the man behind the wildly popular Humans of New York. In her blurb, Selena spoke about being famous and the reality
They're on their way to ruling the world!
These celeb kids have two things in common: 1. They all have very famous parents 2. They have more followers than most adults out there. See for yourself!VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram.
But she's ready to move on now.
Anne Hathaway has revealed that she was well aware of that weird period when she was openly disliked on the internet.The 34-year-old actress-who won an Oscar for her role in Les Misérables the same year some media
'It's not a real world. You don't really realize it until you go out of this bubble and you're like, 'Oh, OK.''
On Friday night, Selena Gomez and her mom Mandy Teefey stepped onto the red carpet for 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix show they co-produced. While there, Mandy opened up about Selena's year long departure from social media. She shared with
Former classmates reveal what Kanye West, Blake Lively, Ashton Kutcher and more were like back in the day.
While many celebrities lead polished, preened and perfected lifestyles in the public eye, it hasn't always been that way -after one Reddit thread revealed what 12 famous people were like when they were teenagers.One member asked the question: "Redditors who
But they're still the best exes ever!
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin struggled with the early days of his romance with Gwyneth Paltrow, because he couldn't handle the fame, according to his friend Simon Pegg.The British comedian, who has been friends with the singer since 2000 and is
You enjoy reading his "candid" answers to our questions, giving you the impression that Jommy is "genuine," through and through--and we can tell you, he is. See for yourself when you watch the interview footage.
Cosmo asked him if he has any idea why girls are crazy about him. His answer? "You tell me!"
This month's box office offers rom-coms, thrillers, and musicals--PLUS: Michael Jackson!