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The calendar method is a popular option for natural family planning.
Choosing a birth control or family planning method is a very personal decision that must take several factors into account. If you decide against using a hormonal, barrier, or intrauterine device or substance and prefer to stick to natural solutions, this is
It's a classic sign of impending parenthood.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have only been married for two-and-a-half months, but despite that, imaginations are already running wild about when they'll be starting a family.Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have spoken freely
Ramona Diaz's documentary 'Motherland' is a wake-up call for every Filipino.
Inexplicable pain from pushing a body out of you, followed by a rush of love. Love at first sight. A mother cradling her newborn, the father leaning in, awestruck and caressing his fragile baby. Many of us often imagine childbirth to be
Duterte is considering this option to resolve the country's overpopulation problem.
Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte is pondering on whether to impose a policy that will limit the number of children a family can have to three.Duterte said the three-child policy will be included in his administration's family planning program if