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They put up billboard ads in EDSA!
Whether you're an OG K-drama fan or you're new to the fandom, Song Hye Kyo is a name that will always ring a bell. She has been in the entertainment industry for 25 years (!!) and has starred
To quote Jake Peralta from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', 'She makes us feel things.'
When I was in third grade, I remember my friend would always sing at the top of her lungs to "You Belong With Me" in our classroom. Out of curiosity, I asked her what the title of the song was. From there,
Which one are you eyeing to buy?
Time flies really fast, right? It's that time of the year again where everyone's looking forward to the holidays. Malls have started playing Christmas carols and families have started putting up their Christmas trees and lights. Even though we're
Ang galing talaga ng Seonhohadas!
When it comes to creativity, you can always count on Hallyu fans to bring the *best* content you have ever seen. From funny K-pop video compilations to K-drama memes, they're always churning out new ideas for everyone to
'Til the next fan event, Peniel!
Have you ever imagined yourself having a one on one talk with your ultimate bias? A few years ago, talking to BTOB's Peniel seems like a farfetched dream for me until it came true one day-and it's
He plunged from 4.2 stars to 1.6.
James Corden has managed to understandably offend BTS fans due to referring to them as "15-year-old girls," not to mention seemingly questioning the band's recent appearance at the United Nations General Assembly. James commented that BTS were "unusual
Add this to your growing BTS merch collection!
Smart Communications continues to be our cause of ~euphoria~! The leading telco brand will be releasing a limited special edition BTS prepaid kit that comes with exclusive merch, and we can't wait to get our hands on it.Earlier this
And they shed light on things like, 'Can you really buy an iPhone with photo cards?'
One girl's "trash" is another (fan)girl's treasure. That's my biggest realization when I started seeing videos about photo cards (PCs) on TikTok. I had a few PCs from my BTS merch. They were all just collecting dust, TBH,
Can you guess who?
It's evident how BTS has taken the world by storm over the years: From their chart-topping songs, millions of YouTube views, sold-out concerts, and many more. We even learned that an ARMY would spend an average of P68,
The most important thing you need is creativity.
It's a well-known fact that Pinoys are creative. And merch-loving Pinoy BTS fans (ARMY) who lined up for the BTS Meal? Plus the same fans who wish there are official photocards that come with the meal? Their creativity can
She went from fangirl to co-star!
This year, Sue Ramirez is starring in her biggest project to date! She's part of the lead cast of The Broken Marriage Vow, the Philippine remake of the British series Doctor Foster and the South Korean drama A World Of
The feel-good content you need, right this way. <3
When did you start becoming a K-drama fan? My ~early beginnings~ were in 2005 when ABS-CBN aired the *super* tragic Memories Of Bali, and it opened my eyes to a different side of Asianovelas apart from the phenomenal Meteor Garden.
Ready your feels, chingus!
You may be seeing a lot of people on your timeline screaming about K-pop comebacks and you may be wondering, "Why are they screaming about how scared they are for a comeback. Isn't it basically just a group releasing new
Only the best things for our best boy!
ICYMI. our Kim Seon Ho celebrated his birthday last May 8 and he just turned 35! Probably one of the best gifts he received was when he was awarded the TikTok Popularity Award at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards, and this just
Use these as pegs for a home renovation project when you’re 'na-budol and proud!'
Do you have a pandemic passion project? For some Pinoys, it's home renovations and interior makeovers. It could be as simple as turning a blank space into a coffee corner. Or an extensive remodel like adding a second or third floor.
Make the most out of your trip with your K-barkada!
Don't you just love daydreaming about South Korea? As K-culture fans, our wish list includes exploring the Land of the Morning Calm, apart from meeting our fave K-pop groups and K-drama oppas IRL. The idea of roaming
Videos are the new autographs.
If you're reading this article, chances are you're a fangirl yourself or have someone close to you who is. Because we now live in a ~digital world~, technology has given us a chance to become much closer to
They have been supporting Joong Ki for more than a decade!
For some of us, we discovered Song Joong Ki in his recent K-dramas like Vincenzo, Arthdal Chronicles, and Descendants Of The Sun. But for others, they have been cheering on the actor for more than a decade since his breakout stint
'First time out of the country, first time in a Pokémon Center. You can imagine my glee.'
If you grew up in the late '90s and early '00s, nothing-I mean, NOTHING-reigned supreme than Pokémon. They were literally everywhere-on TVs, on video games, on cards, on stuffed toys, pillows, shirts, what have you. Poké