The top answer is actually pretty surprising!
As someone who openly talks about sex-and I don't just mean for work-hearing about people's sexual fantasies is always fun! I once had a friend tell me that she masturbates to her own body. (Clearly, she's on
It might surprise you.
An asexual person is commonly understood simply as someone who doesn't experience sexual attraction, but the full picture of asexuality is more nuanced than that. A new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that looked at the masturbation habits and
Bring out the competitive spirit in your guy with this sizzling frisky game. We promise, there won't be any sore losers!
One incentive to getting playful: It leads to better sex--no joke. "The more fun you have prior to bed, the more unpredictable and open to experimentation you'll be when you're in it," says sex therapist Barry McCarthy, PhD, co-
Find out what some of your strange nighttime fantasies reveal about your current relationship mindset.
While many steamy dreams are a nocturnal treat (you and the office hottie sharing torrid kisses on a deserted beach, for example), others--such as cheating on your guy or engaging in unprotected sex--are nightmarish. And, since new research from the
Some naughty secrets are meant to be shared with your man. Cosmo got a guy to spill what men really want to hear about!
Okay, so your guy knows you're not immune to having impure thoughts, but he may not realize how much of a minx you really are. So give him a peek into that dirty mind of yours by confessing the following four
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