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Some people want a light and enjoyable escape from the real world—and this show definitely is not it.
The story starts off one winter night in 1994 in the Kingdom of Corea, a world where there is no North and South Korea, but a ruling monarchy keeping the country whole. On this night, Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin) carries out
Ft. Mermaids, manananggal, and more!
We all need a little *fantasy* in our lives and we're so happy that there are romance films out there that have weirder-than-usual characters! Here, five recent Filipino movies with ~supernatural~ themes (if you're tired of
They don't always end with 'happily ever afters!'
We all know the formula to a fairy tale: It starts with "Once upon a time," and ends with "Happily ever after," complete with a damsel-in-distress and a knight-in-shining armor somewhere in between. But they weren't
Most relatable character: Karylle as the designated 'millennial!'
Sunshine Dizon, Iza Calzado, Karylle, and Diana Zubiri play the roles of four sorceresses or witches named Althea, Adela, Helena, and Kathalina. They're blessed with magical powers such as telekinesis and mind reading (Adela), the ability to heal and create
Is it just a fantasy? Is it cheating? Or is it just another way to have sex?
If you haven't done it, you're almost definitely lying to yourself. You're lying there (or standing there, I don't know your sex life), and all of a sudden, your mind... drifts, and lands on columnist Bianca Valerio discusses why older men seem to have more luck in the love--and lust--department.
Whips, chains, leather, lace, and whipped cream... Slapped, spanked, tied up, or used as a tempting delish petri dish. Name it, some man has most likely done or experienced it in the name of fulfilling a sexual fantasy bucket list. Hence, women
Bring out the competitive spirit in your guy with this sizzling frisky game. We promise, there won't be any sore losers!
One incentive to getting playful: It leads to better sex--no joke. "The more fun you have prior to bed, the more unpredictable and open to experimentation you'll be when you're in it," says sex therapist Barry McCarthy, PhD, co-
Clear your head of all distractions and get in the right frame of mind before your next sack session.
1. Let Your Thoughts WanderIt helps to transport yourself mentally to a sexy place. Fantasize that you're getting it on in a lust-inspiring locale or even with another man, like a hot trainer at your gym or, hell, Justin Timberlake.
Columnist Bianca Valerio delves into this hot Aussie's double life: model by day, DJ by night.
In the spirit of Halloween and the month dedicated to the men we love, why don't we shine a light on the concept of the alter ego? Men have innate fantasies they wish to fulfill but are discouraged from doing so
When gloomy weather and personal drama bring you down, it's time to escape to the cinema! Stave off the blues by catching a feel-good flick this month.
This month is dedicated to all the girls out there feeling less-than-fab about themselves. Whether you're recovering from a breakup, pondering life after college, feeling extra stressed at work, or just plain looking for something more thrilling in your