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It’s all about clean, classic, and chic pieces.
To make it into my wardrobe, a piece has to fulfill three categories: classy, curvy, and chic. I'm not one to follow trends unless they're potentially timeless, suited to accommodate my curvy figure, and I feel tres chic in them.
We love her simple but chic style!
Maggie Wilson has a great sense of style. If you've been a follower of hers on IG, you'll notice that the influencer and former beauty has mastered the art of chic dressing. Her wardrobe is filled with classic,
It comes in three chic and neutral colors!
So you've been mostly staying at home for well over a year now, just chilling in your fave pajamas and loungewear pieces 24/7. Sure, the era we're living in is rough, but at least you get to
Plus, the right clothes to wear with them.
We think we're all in agreement when we say that the kind of panties we're wearing is the last thing on our minds when putting together an outfit. We tend to focus more on what's on
You can wear them with the clothes you already own!
I have a confession to make. I'm scared to count how many bodysuits I have in my closet. I'm just so obsessed with them. In case you're not familiar with bodysuits, these have the same style
This shade spells casual chic.
If you're looking for footwear softer than your usual striking white, go for a pair in beige. Not only is this shade delightfully subdued, but it can also go well with the rest of your wardrobe without clashing with your
Your wallet will thank you!
If you're staring at a closet full of clothes and thinking you have nothing to wear, it could either mean that you're in need of some style inspiration OR you have way too many pieces that you don&#
Neutrals can be totes stylish, too!
Have you been into more neutral-colored outfits lately? Maybe you're going through a no-color phase and just prefer to stick to sophisticated neutral shades? Whatever your reason may be, let Kryz Uy be your guide in navigating neutral
Perfect for days when you 'have nothing to wear.'
Nothing beats the refreshing appeal of white and denim. It's the fail-safe combo you can turn to on days when you're too tamad to dress up. Plus, white + denim is presko, so it's perf for
Perfect for every day!
Stop traffic in these ultra-flattering, barely-there pairs. From pointy-toe to chunky soles, these nude heels promise you mile-long legs with minimal effort.What tiis ganda? Low-heeled and stacked are the answer to added height, minus the back