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Spanning everything from her style inspiration to career advice.
Kate Spade started her eponymous fashion company in 1993, and even after she exited the company in 2007 to focus on raising her now-13-year-old daughter, the brand carried on with her signature colorful aesthetic and whimsical style. Here, a
We reflect on what it meant to call one of her purses your own.
It was the early '00s, and we were in our early 20s. No longer new college grads but certainly not fully-minted adults (no matter how much we wanted to be). We were in that phase of reaching for things that
The iconic 'Sam' bag will always be loved for its timeless elegance.
New York designer Kate Spade just passed away from an apparent suicide. Celebrities and fashion industry insiders immediately mourned the loss, but now, women who grew up with the classic, boxy "Sam" bag are reminiscing about their first Kate Spade purchases, and
It is believed she died by suicide.
Fashion and lifestyle designer Kate Spade was found dead in her Manhattan residence of an apparent suicide Tuesday morning, sources told CBS News. According to reports, she was found by her housekeeper at her home on Park Avenue.Per The New York
No need to splurge your savings for that big night!
Do you have a string of events-weddings, debuts, big dinners-to attend in the next few months? Chances are, you're so not willing to drop a ton of cash on an outfit for every single one. Then what'
'You can't just show up in jeans and a T-shirt.'
Ashley Graham is a supermodel who looks incredible every hour of the day. But because she doesn't wear the fashion industry's standard model's size zero, she says she has encountered resistance from the fashion industry. In an interview with