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What do you think, CGs?
Do you think clothes should stay classic, or does personal style always win? What trends do you want gone?Cast your vote for the future of fashion!
The winter collection of one of your fave European fashion brands offers versatile items that can take you from the workplace to a date or party, plus must-have shoes, bags, and accessories.
Here's another excuse to shop, Cosmo chicks: You need to update your wardrobe for 2012, of course! Before the summer months officially begin (and give you yet another reason to go shopping), it's time to stock up on pieces that
With so many weddings to attend this year and the day of romantic dates fast approaching, you should begin planning your formal wardrobe. Get inspiration from these local designers' creations.
So you've survived the fashion emergency called "what to wear to all those holiday parties." But no, the reason to stock up on formal garb is not on hold until the end of this year; on the contrary, this year is
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the <i>Gossip Girl</i> hunk's photo shoot for the <i>Pinoy</i> fashion brand he's endorsing, as he talks about his style.
When your beloved Ed Westwick came to Manila to shoot his campaign for his latest endorsement, local fashion brand Penshoppe, he spent most of his time out of the public's eye. But now, you'll see just what went down in
Make this your ultimate guide when shopping for footwear for school or the workplace, rain or shine!
How do you choose what shoes to wear to school or the office? Aside from your mood and personal style, there's the weather and your itinerary for the day to consider. With these factors in mind, we put together some trendy
Our Style & Beauty columnist divulges some fashion and beauty blunders committed by celebs so you can learn from them and avoid their booboos!
It's only human nature to emulate certain traits, qualities, and/or physical attributes of our favorite celebrities, whether they're models or actresses. However, it's also in a way comforting to know that these people whom we idolize commit fashion
Our September Quickie Blogger praises the wonders of short shorts and gets candid about her own fashion faux pas.