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Why haven't we thought of this sooner?
We're pretty sure many of us are familiar with the struggle of clasping our bracelets on our own. It's hard to do it with one hand! We usually ask for assistance for others to help us accomplish the
Welcome to another edition of TikTok style hacks.
We must say, TikTok is a treasure trove of many hacks, whether it be food, beauty, adulting, or style tips. In today's edition of "Things We Learned While Losing Track of Time on TikTok," we found genius ways of transforming
It's pure genius!
You know this all too well: You buy a pair of jeans that looks so good on your bum and fits well on your thighs, only to find out that it's too big for your waist. It's a
Scarf-tying is quite the elusive art, even for the most seasoned fashion girl. After all, it's one thing to simply knot a pretty silk piece around your neck, but to turn it into an actual, wearable piece of clothing
You'll only need two rubber bands!
Another day, another Heart Evangelista vlog for us to enjoy. In Heart's latest video upload, she filmed how she got ready for a Sunday date with her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero. Cute, right?Aside from revealing her favorite makeup products,
Clothes have special needs, too.
The care tags on our clothes are there for a reason, and while we're so tempted to just dump everything in the washing machine, the ~adult~ decision is to keep these seemingly unimportant laundry care tips in mind.Don't even
Quickly, before it sets!
It's happened to all of us. You're wearing a pristine white shirt and you're proud of yourself for having kept it that way for more than half the day. You go on your mid-afternoon coffee run and just
Here's an easy fix!
So you got a cute new belt to spice up your outfits only to realize that it's way too long for you? Don't throw it out just yet! Here's an easy fix, and you'll only need one thing:
Turn this lazy day essential into a cute skirt for casual days!
Obsessed with your oversized button-down? Why not shake things up and try wearing it as a skirt? Trust us, it's super easy. (P.S. You can even steal your boyfriend's polo to do this!) VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteFollow
Alikabok-free in less than five minutes!
As ~*pretty*~ as suede-or faux suede-shoes are, they can be a pain to clean if you don't store them properly. So what do you do when you decide to bust out your fave suede booties but they're dirty
Because why not?!
The sheer trend is basically everywhere-we blame you, Kardashians-but some people aren't on board with buying clothes that are meant to be see-through. I mean, it's hardly like you can rock up to work with your bra
No more struggling with tricky clasps!
You know that scene in How to Be Single, where Alice fashions a device to zip up her dresses? This is exactly like that, only on a smaller scale and with practically no hard work involved! The next time you're struggling
Using YOUR hair iron!
Because the last thing we want is for our boyfriends to leave the house looking all sloppy.Follow Sandra on Twitter.RELATED:4 Hacks To Make Your Shoes Super Awesome!How To Pinroll Your Jeans
Read this if you are a tiny human. Actually, you should still read this if you are a giant human.
Going shopping this weekend for the perfect pair of holiday shoes? You might want to get a pointed pair of heels to go with your Christmas outfit. Actually, you might want to get a pointed pair of shoes, in general. The logic
Next time you wear your ankle boots with jeans, don't wear it like this:Wear it like this!The logic? Jeans look so much more streamlined when cuffed. Tucking them inside boots just makes you look frumpy.Follow Sandra on Twitter.
Remember when we wrote about that nude bodysuit you can wear IRL so you don't have to line up at the dressing room? Admittedly, we thought it was the best fashion hack for five minutes. Our problem? It was totally unattractive!
You have a red wine stain on your shirt. Now what?
1. Stop your sweaters from shedding by sticking them in the freezer overnight. If you have a cashmere or wool sweater that won't stop shedding, toss it in the freezer before each wear.2. Toss your jeans in a plastic bag
It's called the half tuck.
Sure, you can go crazy on the accessories to update your basic jeans-and-button-down combo, but there's an easier way you can upgrade this uniform.It's called the half tuck, and it's really easy to do.Start
We have a solution.
It happens. You go to a house party, grab a (a very full) glass of red wine-and right when you're about to be introduced to Hot Guy In A Polo, you accidentally spill vino on your dress. A white dress,
Now you don't have to toss your white tee in the trash!
Here's the thing about yellow pit stains: You can't wash them off no matter how many times you throw your clothes in the washing machine. What causes them, anyway? You can blame your anti-perspirant or deodorant-the