Jobs are on the line.
As of this writing, China and Italy have been hit the hardest by COVID-19. Both countries hold the fort of the fashion and beauty industry: Italy is the style capital of most designer brands, and China is the leading supplier and
It's more expensive than my lipstick???
We've got very important, kikay- slash fashun-filled news: Jacquemus, the It French designer bag known for their micro bags has released yet another tiny AF purse. They're famous for Le Chiquito (which can hold credit cards and
But you’d have to move to Amsterdam for it.
It's called the LENA Fashion Library, and it might just be the coolest fashion concept we've come across in a while!According to Refinery29, the library is the brainchild of Suzanne Smulders, and sisters Angela, Diana, and Elisa Jansen. The
So fetch!
1. Uniqlo launched a collab with Jollibee, to produce a new UT line of tees featuring the fast food giant's logo and well-loved mascot. The result? Not your average company logo shirts-they're cute, vintage-y and heart-warming-
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