Take notes from these bloggers and celebs.
When you just don't have enough energy to put together an outfit, turn to statement tees to save the day. Here are fashion tips from your style pegs to let your shirt do the talking!1. With espadrilles and a straw
You don't need to break the bank to be stylish.
Fashion isn't always about the price point of the things we wear. As we deem fashion as art, we take pride in knowing that we can whip up a good outfit even without the hefty price tag. Plus, who says nice
Inspo from #OOTDs
You've already been schooled by the celebs on the many ways you can sport your white sneakers. On this week's batch of OOTDs, it's the social media savvy ladies' turn to show you how it's done. Below, see
And vice versa.
Cosmopolitan.com asked six real-life couples to make each other over in whatever way they saw fit. With racks of clothes at their disposal and the knowledge that their significant other would wear whatever they chose, some took it as an
That aren't on your hair.
So you haven't touched your bottle of hairspray in months? Bet you didn't know you could use it on these...1. On your brows.No time to groom your arches in the morning? Easy. Spritz hairspray on a spoolie, and
Quick style shortcuts you can use forevs.
We already rounded up the best beauty hacks; it's time to move on to style shortcuts you will inevitably use when disaster strikes and you find yourself with a wrinkly top sans an iron. Or when your killer heels are literally
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