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Byeee, blisters!
New shoes are a bit like birthday cake: They never fail to make you smile, no matter how sparkly, shiny, or extra they may be.That being said, there's nothing more annoying than ordering a pair of shoes online and
No one can see you, but you're technically still 'at work.'
If you're privileged to work from home, you might have asked yourself the following questions: Is there really a rule that covers work-from-home outfits? Do I really need to dress up? There's really no hard and
Werk it, girl!
You've got the curves, and now it's time to show them off. But of course, like with any body type, this is easier said than done. That's where experts a.k.a. stylists come in-to
So delicate and pretty!
While '90s-inspired chokers may no longer be the "in" thing, ~*delicate*~ choker necklaces are still very popular. Instead of being chunky, now they're minimalist and can be worn with any kind of top and neckline. Below, the prettiest
Update your wardrobe now!
If you have a crazy work schedule, it should come as no surprise if you constantly reach for your fashion basics-they're just so easy to style and pull off! If you rely on these staples almost every day of
There's no such thing as having too many white shirts!
Every person needs at least one plain white tee in her closet. It's non-negotiable. White shirts can match with every other piece in your wardrobe, making it one of the most versatile fashion pieces you could ever own. While
Score style tips straight from Heart!
Dresses are heaven-sent. They're easy outfit solutions when you find mixing and matching clothes a tad too tedious. But while dresses are chic go-tos, there's not much you can do to re-style it, especially if
Scarf-tying is quite the elusive art, even for the most seasoned fashion girl. After all, it's one thing to simply knot a pretty silk piece around your neck, but to turn it into an actual, wearable piece of clothing
There's no graceful way to pick your shorts out of your crotch. Or is there?
If, like us, you're always having problems with your shorts, scroll below for the best way to solve them!They fit great in the morning, but by the end of the day, they're sagging. No one likes to
Climb the corporate ladder in style.
College was loads of fun, especially when we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted. Every day was simply a chance to express ourselves through fashion, right?The corporate world, however, is an entirely different runway, and while you're super excited
Go trendy in these new pairings!
Denim is a staple item in your closet and maybe you already have a go-to style and fit. But if you're going for a trendier route, you can try these pairings.Instead of the teeny tiny cut-offs, try this
Perfect for days when you 'have nothing to wear.'
Nothing beats the refreshing appeal of white and denim. It's the fail-safe combo you can turn to on days when you're too tamad to dress up. Plus, white + denim is presko, so it's perf for
Talk about throwing major shade!
What's a summer OOTD without a woven or wicker accessory? With the scorching summer heat, we get why these celebs would want to protect themselves from the sun while looking stylish at the same time while on vacation.So whether you'
Time to bring some fun to work.
With the wide range of floral, striped, and bold-hued skirts made for the tropics, it's impossible to resist getting a hold of at least one to show off at the beach. But who says you can't wear them to
No sweat!
As much as we'd like to live in short shorts and flip-flops all day, every day this summer, it's simply just not possible. Here, how you can look, feel, and smell good in the summer heat:Easy, breezy
White outfits for the beach? Totally.
Relaxed yet put together: This is what beach dressing is all about. Whether you're all about bold hues and prints or a fan of fresh whites, here are a few summer OOTDs to steal from a few of the most stylish
You'll definitely want to try this.
Pair separate pieces of the exact same shade or mix together a multi-textured outfit to achieve that clean, single-hue look the celebs have been wearing. Here are some pegs:There's no such thing as over-doing a monochromatic outfit.
New way to bare it.
Like you, it's hard for us to let go of such a flattering, tropical-country-friendly trend like the off-shoulder. Its cut is strategic, slimming down arms, showing off the neck- enough skin to be sexy, sleek, and chic. But
No such thing as high fashion in high altitude.
Flying somewhere far soon? It's best to be prepared and wear the right things. Because if you're going to be stuck in a cramped space for at least 10 hours, you better make sure you're dressed for the occasion.
Aka our favorite color combo.
100 Tula Para Kay Stella's Bela Padilla has stellar style. When she's not on vacation, she trades her floral frocks and bikini looks for supremely chic black-and-white outfits paired with well-placed accessories and looks just as stunning.