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You learn something new every day.
When you find yourself desperate to have a matching bag for your evening OOTD (and you don't have the time to shop for one anymore), just ask mom for a placemat. We know it's kind of funny if
Easiest hack ever!
Give those trusty old office shoes an upgrade with this simple hack! VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteVIDEO EDITED BY: Jean SaturninoFollow Happy on Instagram.
They're a great way of airing out your smelly footwear!
If you're like us, you probably stuff your shoes inside a box, or squish them somewhere they wouldn't be able to breathe and get aired out. So, we came up with a cute way to store your footwear
You just need ribbons + safety pins!
Everyone's been wearing corsets lately, but here's a hack to make it more comfortable and less constricting: Do it yourself! Quick, grab your comfiest sweater-you're about to give it the cutest upgrade. VIDEO PRODUCED BY:
Sequins in the a.m.? Totally!
The only downside of buying festive holiday clothes? Being faced with the dilemma of how to wear them for the rest of the year! Fret not, because here are four ways to pull off some sparkle for any season. VIDEO PRODUCED BY:
Yup, you can even use it as an off-shoulder top!
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: You NEED a classic white button-down in your closet! VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT AND EDITED BY: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteHAIR: Angelu Dominguez MAKEUP: Raymund Defeo
As a belt, vest, or bag!
Here are three other ways to wear your scarf, other than placing it around your neck:VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Nicee Estores VIDEO EDITED BY: Trina Elefante HAIR: Angelu Dominguez MAKEUP: Tin Albano using NARS cosmetics
Tired of using the plain white laces your shoes came with?
Here's how to make a checkerboard weave for your trusty old white kicks. VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Nicee Estores VIDEO EDITED BY: Karishma Etong Follow Happy on Instagram.
Perfect for busty girls!
If you have big boobs and nipple tape doesn't do anything for you, consider converting your sexy backless blouse into a bra top, aka a top with a bra attached. Here's how you can do it:VIDEO PRODUCED
Turn this lazy day essential into a cute skirt for casual days!
Obsessed with your oversized button-down? Why not shake things up and try wearing it as a skirt? Trust us, it's super easy. (P.S. You can even steal your boyfriend's polo to do this!) VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteFollow
Don't you just hate it when your pants zipper keeps sliding down?
If the zipper on your fave jeans keeps sliding down no matter what you do, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to fix this issue. All you need is probably right inside your bag! Let this style hack blow
Aka 'himulmol.'
Do you know the English term for himulmol on your clothes? It's called "pilling," because "pills" or small fuzz balls form when certain fabrics rub against surfaces (with other clothes, usually). Here's a quick hack to get rid of that
Alikabok-free in less than five minutes!
As ~*pretty*~ as suede-or faux suede-shoes are, they can be a pain to clean if you don't store them properly. So what do you do when you decide to bust out your fave suede booties but they're dirty
Who doesn't love this timeless pattern?
When it comes to prints and patterns, stripes are high up on the list as one of our ultimate go-tos. Not only are they a breeze to pull off, they also make any outfit look instantly polished and put-together. Whether
Be a bright ray of sunshine through your OOTDs!
Cool rainy days are notorious for making you want to stay tucked in your bed without any plans to leave, but unfortunately, that's hardly a possibility when you're a ~responsible adult~. Don't let that spoil your mood, however-lift
These will come in handy whenever you go shoe shopping.
Widen your footwear vocab with this helpful video! Here, we list down several basic shoe styles and how to differentiate one from the other. Arm yourself with this information and you'll be talking like a pro in no time!VIDEO: Jean
Including the LBD, of course.
When laziness strikes, count on a dress to make putting an outfit together a breeze. Here are five designs that should be staples in every closet:VIDEO: Trina Elefante and Jean Saturnino. STYLING: Celina Dayacap. HAIR: Marie V. Tan. MAKEUP: Tin Albano
Plus, how the brand got its name!
She has OOTD ideas just for you!
Denim may be a closet staple and a timeless basic, but it doesn't have to come off as boring, even if you do wear it every single day. Need proof? Let Sue Ramirez show you how it's done, through five
Pastel hues are always a good choice!
Once you hit your mid to late 20s, weddings become even more of a regular occurrence. You won't always be part of the entourage, too-which means you get several chances to dress up! What woman wouldn't enjoy that, right? ;)