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She made the decision back in January.
As a growing familiar face in the international fashion scene, Heart Evangelista has been known to be a mainstay in Fashion Week activities in recent years. But she was noticeably absent in any of the Fashion Week events last month, particularly Paris
With Heart in the top 10 were Cardi B, Anna Kendrick, and Versace!
Heart Evangelista is making waves once again at this year's Fashion Week.Market research company Ipsos has ranked Heart to be among the fashion event's top 10 Twitter influencers. Heart shared the news from Ipsos and thanked them.
Issa lewk!
Did you miss Heart Evangelista's grocery OOTDs? In her new vlog, the actress wears an Antonio Grimaldi piece for her latest grocery ~lewk~ at Paris Fashion Week. In her vlog, she said, "I have to get pancit canton, corned beef, bawang,
Remember when he sent her a Louboutin bag for her birthday?
Heart Evangelista has been killing it at Paris Fashion Week, where she caught up with famed designer Christian Louboutin. Last night, Heart shared her encounter with the designer on IG Stories. The actress has countless Louboutin designs in her enviable closet, including
Flawless as always!
Impeccably beautiful Korean actress Song Hye Kyo made the journey to New York for the Prada Resort 2020 show, and she wasted no time turning heads at the event. Check out her simple yet elegant look below!Sat front row at the
Designers refused to work with Ambra after she stood up to Harvey Weinstein.
In 2015, Italian-Pinay model Ambra Gutierrez was one of the first people to publicly stand up to disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein; he had sexually assaulted her during a meeting in his Manhattan office. Unfortunately, because of his position in the entertainment
They turned it out for the designer's collection with Gigi.
Out of the Hadids, Gigi and Bella are oftentimes the ones making headlines. But at the Tommy Hilfiger show at London Fashion Week, the sisters plus their younger brother Anwar, all made a splash at their first collective catwalk.Gigi, who co-
Warning: These are upsetting.
Images from inside the Kim Kardashian robbery crime scene at Paris' Hôtel de Pourtalès have been released, and they're upsetting.The images include a gag used on Kim during the heist, as well as tape used to bind her
Sources say she's doing OK but having trouble sleeping at night.
Kim Kardashian is back in the public eye-well, sort of.E! Online brings us news that Kim was spotted for the first time since her harrowing robbery in Paris. The reality TV star stepped out late Friday night in Los Angeles
It's reportedly one of the thirteen pieces of stolen jewelry.
In a new development following Kim Kardashian being robbed at gun point in her Paris hotel whilst visiting the city for fashion week, it looks like the robbers who attacked her have slipped up.TMZ is reporting that one of the thirteen
She won't let Kanye West replace her stolen ring either.
Kim Kardashian is reportedly blaming herself for the robbery incident that left her bound and gagged in Paris on Sunday night - which is equal parts sad and unsurprising considering that most of Twitter (and Karl Lagerfeld) seem to think this whole thing
The 20-carat diamond was given to her by Kanye West just last month.
Kim Kardashian West was reportedly gagged and bound while men dressed as police stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry from her Paris residence late on Sunday night.The prosecutor's office said a ring worth an estimated $4 million and
She feared the robbers would rape her.
Kim Kardashian is back in the arms of her husband Kanye West after returning to New York City following a terrifying encounter with armed robbers in Paris.The reality TV beauty was confronted by at least two men dressed as police officers
Me. Ow.
Move along, folks! Nothing to see here! Well, except for American Royalty* getting a face tattoo.Kendall Jenner skipped out on Paris Fashion Week and instead went to NYC to get inked inside her mouth. You're only young once!The tallest
The model had a scary incident outside the Max Mara show.
Don't mess with Gigi Hadid. The supermodel was forced to defend herself after a strange man grabbed her and picked her up in the street during Milan Fashion Week.The scary incident occurred when she and sister Bella Hadid were leaving
Straight from the Fall/Winter 2016 shows.
Not all the outfits designers send down the runway are wearable. Some are so outlandish that it's nearly impossible to think of a situation that your typical woman would wear them to-like this chandelier dress seen at Moschino. Thankfully, majority
Too sexy for a shirt.
Instagram/@gigihadidFashion Week Month is finally underway! Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week kicked off Sunday, January 24, with its first show of the season, Atelier Versace.Donatella Versace sent a bevy of supermodels down the runway, in clothes the brand described as
SM goes around the world as it showcases the latest must-have accessories.
SM Shoes and Bags takes you on a journey of high style as it launches its Holiday line for Philippine Fashion Week.View our gallery straight from the runway to see the Men's, Kids', and Women's collections.
Not sure what look to go for this summer? Get a couple of ideas from these <i>fasyon</i> girls we spotted at Philippine Fashion Week.
The sun may be at its hottest these days, but that's no excuse for you to wear nothing but shorts and tank tops. We at Cosmo believe that you don't have to sacrifice style in the hot weather months, so
Give your beau and other men in your life some style pointers this season. Show them these department store finds that range from casual to formal wear.
Summer is on, and with the new season comes brand new fashion collections, not just for us girls, but for guys, as well. The men in your life have lots of styles to choose from, thanks to affordable stylish menswear now offered