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Can you spot the similarities?
If you're just as excited as we are about the Crazy Rich Asians premiere in the Philippines this August 22, then you've probably watched this trailer multiple times:[youtube:{"videoId":"null","youtubeId":"ZQ-YX-5bAs0", "caption":""}]You weren&#
This is how the pop diva stayed stylish throughout the years!
Madonna just turned 60 last August 16, and to pay tribute to this superstar, we listed down her numerous iconic looks that still resonate today: Madonna released her first music video for "Everybody" in 1983. This would mark the start of what
Wave goodbye to 'Barbie feet.'
Instagram is great for when it comes to spotting a trend. And now? It's a specific pose that seems to be spreading everywhere.[survey:521]So wave goodbye to "Barbie feet" and say hello to the "baby giraffe pose"-which
The beaded purses have attracted tons of celeb fans.
In June 2018, Gigi Hadid gave everyone FOMO as she Instagrammed her way through a luxe vacation in Mykonos, Greece. Kate Moss and Emily Ratajkowski were in tow, but another, more under-the-radar guest also made its way onto Gigi'
We’re in love with every pair.
Move over, bulky, chunky mandals. These days, the most stylish people are moving on to thinner-strapped sandals, and from the looks of it, the daintier it is, the better.Thinking of getting yourself a pair now? Below are the styles to
Chances are, you've already got this top in your closet!
Boxy tees have long been one of our favorite go-to for lazy days, but just in case you're running out of ideas to wear them, here are a few different ways you can style them, according these celebs:Throw