Not just for their OOTDs, but also for their young vibes!
The world puts so much importance on youth-anti-aging serums, young Hollywood on magazine covers, youngest achievers lists, and just about anything to do with being young. But breaking away from the drift are senior citizens who aren't afraid to
And it has an attached face mask!
As predicted by anyone with a brain, heart, or eyes, Rihanna basically owned Coachella. She is the queen, and so everyone must bow down. Last week, Bad Gal RiRi wore a *shimmering* silver bodysuit with an off-shoulder Gucci tee and extra
...and answering over and over again.
Let's be real. Not a lot of people would understand why a girl needs ten different pairs of white sneakers or why she would wear fur in the tropics. Fashion is not exactly everyone's cup of tea, and those who
This little girl might even be more stylish than you.
There's simply no stopping Olivia Manzano Reyes from conquering the fashion world by storm. The one-year-old daughter of Andi Manzano and GP Reyes has already been put under the spotlight in countless features-both print and online-but really,
So many clothes! Absolutely nothing to wear!
1. "I already know what to wear: an oversized button down tucked inside boyfriend jeans. Oh, and stilettos."2. "Hmmm, this outfit looks so much baggier IRL. I swear it looked more streamlined in my head."3. "You know what? I'll
Watch out blogosphere, there's a new stylista on the block!
When she isn't busy living in her dream house or exploring at least 100 career options, Barbie is getting her street style photos taken by boyfriend Ken. The makers of the iconic doll just set up an Instagram account (@barbiestyle) which
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