Sobrang dali nang magmerienda.
You're in the middle of making a report tapos bigla kang nag-crave ng Potato Corner-for me, it's Mega na Cheese at Sour Cream. I'm sure meron din kayong specific na order. Kaya lang, you&#
Farewell, Champ!
Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee announced that they will be discontinuing its iconic Champ burger from all of its branches.In a statement issued on January 3, Jollibee said, "We are working on big and exciting things this year for our burgers
Which one is the most sulit?
The only bad thing about donuts is how fast they disappear. One minute, you're holding this beautiful round dessert between two fingers, and the next, it's gone. If you're lucky, puwede ka pa kumuha ng isa
Are you excited?
Do you know that MOS Burger is Japan's second-largest burger joint? MOS stands for "Mountain, Ocean, Sea," and is known for its burgers-especially its rice burgers, which are made with rice-shaped burger buns. And because Filipinos have
We've always been curious, so we fry-nally got to the bottom of it.
Have you ever noticed how when you buy french fries, you start by eating one fry at a time, until you get a little more real with yourself? And if it's just a side order that comes with your fast
Keep these orders in mind for when you're strapped for cash.
Fast food chains are already cheaper than most restaurants, but when your budget doesn't have a lot of love to give-usually around petsa de peligro-sometimes you really just need the most affordable item on the menu. Cosmo went
We can't wait for the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, TBH.
Foody science?
Have you ever wondered why McDonald's picked a yellow logo?And come to think of it, Burger King's bun, the second half of Subway, and the line on the Pizza Hut sign are also that familiar shade of
We're so excited to eat their fried chicken!
Popeyes, a popular fast-food chain in the US, is soon making a comeback in the Philippines, thanks to the Kuya J Group of restaurants. In a press release dated August 17, 2018 and posted on the website of Restaurant Brands Inc. (
Don't worry, the signature blend of herbs and spices will still be there.
KFC is removing one of its essential ingredients-chicken-from its classic recipe this summer to test out "chicken-like vegetarian options," in the UK The New York Timesreports. But don't worry: while the chicken will be gone, the signature
Cheap, but tasty!
Whether you're on a trip with family or exploring Asia solo-for business or for pleasure-a meal or two at a local fast food place should be on your itinerary. Though they probably won't feel as ~*authentic*~ as hole-
The more you know.
You've probably always assumed that the McDonald's logo-those famous golden arches -is an M for McDonald's. While that is true, there's actually some subliminal sexual stuff happening in the design: Boobs.In the 1960s, McDonald's hired
'A customer threw their food at me while telling me to get a new job.'
You've probably seen a customer being rude to an employee at some point in your life or been at the receiving end of crappy treatment. It's always unacceptable-no matter how hangry you are. There are better ways to handle
And they have actual names.
If you didn't already know, McDonald's (in)famous chicken nuggets only come in four different shapes-and no one really knows why.Until now, that is, after the McDonald's Canada website answered a question sent in about why the
The true meaning of aromatherapy, am I right?
When it comes to candles, there are two types of people: those who are obsessed and those who just don't give a damn.We're here to tell you that there's finally a candle that everyone can get on board
And they're *exclusively* available in the Philippines!
Stop everything you're doing because we need your undivided attention. Taco Bell, a fast food godsend, just dropped the Cheetos Quesadilla, and we haven't been able to stop sobbing at its beauty. Doesn't it look immaculate?Unfortunately, this baby'
Try to remain calm.
We're not gonna lie, we are definitely more than partial to McDonald's. This is a safe place, there's no judgement here. You crack on with your Shake Shake fries and Chicken McDo, you've had a hard week, you
1. Your daily dinner is a burger and fries combo. It might not be healthy, but it's delicious AF!2. Dealing with the judging looks strangers give you when you order extra-large everything! A girl's gotta eat! #sorrynotsorry3. Having
When the combo meals aren't cutting it for you, para-paraan lang.
Ice cream + pancakes = #HeavenOnEarth***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
That's 540 fast food meals!
Meet John Cisna. He's a 55-year-old science teacher from Iowa who came up with this crazy experiment to prove the power of healthy food choices: For three months, he ate only items from the McDonald's menu. He asked
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