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Go easy on your food.
Some days you just feel heavy and bloated, but your body shape hasn't really changed. If it's not because of PMS, it's probably caused by gas, water retention, or having eaten too much. Here are ways to beat the
Says ~*science*~.
When you get married, will you really say hello to a #DadBod or a #MomBod, even if you don't want to? We observed that people tend to get fat when they're married. But why is that? A recent study in
Cosmo asked him if he has any idea why girls are crazy about him. His answer? "You tell me!"
The hot leading man shows off his bod in <em>Men’s Health</em>’s January 2010 issue and chats with Cosmo about his fitness regimen, fat days, and guilty pleasures!
Do you complain too much to your guy? While he'll normally put up with it, maybe you should go easy when it comes to these four little dramas.
There are certain events that create turmoil in a guy's life (think: an episode of erectile dysfunction). But as most men have witnessed, it can take far less to send a girl off the deep end. Now we're not saying
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