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Enough already.
1. Fat women are new to the gym.I can't even begin to tell you how many times people-gym rats and trainers alike-have come up to me to ask if it was my first time working out at the
It can put particular strain on important bodily functions.
Most of us have an area of our body that just seems to attract excess fat every time we gain a few pounds. And sadly, it never seems to be our boobs, where we'd probably quite like it to go.But
You look in shape. But in one angle only.
You look skinny. You look like you're in shape because you're not round (and let's face it, people think that it's healthier to be skinny than to be round). But you know you could do better in the
Story of your life: (At a reunion) 'Tumataba ka yata?'
1. You miss your former body shape.That's the body so many people want these days, and you had it then LOST it. :(2. When you see your old pictures, you can't help but wonder what on earth happened.It
You don't understand why brands can't just make the same clothes, but in a bigger size.
1. The list of places you can shop, compared to where everyone else can shop.2. There is one event rarer than a solar eclipse...finding a sexy size DD bra.3. You don't understand why brands can't just make
Also, 12 things 'big-boned' women are so tired of hearing.
Giphy.com1. "You need to work out more."And their basis is your largeness? PLEASE. Just because you're not skinny, it doesn't mean you don't exercise. Besides, what are they, doctors? Psssh! And hello, some people are big-boned!
We think the word "healthy" is a license to overeat!
When you think a certain food is healthy, you eat more of it, right? Sadly, that can make you gain weight, as found by researchers at the University of Texas.Why? Because you think you're eating something that isn't filling
What's inside of your gut could be responsible for making it bigger.
In the battle against the bulge, there's one crucially overlooked culprit: the changing composition of your gut bacteria.A new study, published last October 2015 in the journal EBioMedicine, lends more evidence to the case against this newfound weight-loss crook.
'You have the best personality.'
1. "Hey big guy." Oh my god, there is nothing worse than being referred to as "big guy" when you're a big guy. You wouldn't go up to a larger woman and say "Hey big girl," so why is it
aka 'belly flab,' 'tummy pooch,' 'bilbil.'
Belly flab isn't limited to just heavy girls-even skinny girls can have a tummy pooch. Clinically known as visceral fat, this type of fat goes deeper than just the fat right under your skin. It's the fat found around
You've got it all wrong.
Ever since the fat-free food craze of the '90s, everyone's been hating on fat. But fat has long been misunderstood.To set the record straight-and let go of your fat fears-get the facts:Truth: The fat you eat
People now are 10 percent heavier than people in the '80s!
A study published recently in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice found that it's harder for adults to keep their weight today than it was for adults 20 or 30 years ago. And this is even when they eat the same
"Not all fat girls are really insecure."
Whitney Thore from TLC's ​My Big Fat Fabulous Life ​stopped by to give some dating advice. Here are some very important things Thore wants you to know: 1. When planning a date for a larger lady, don't only
Go easy on your food.
Some days you just feel heavy and bloated, but your body shape hasn't really changed. If it's not because of PMS, it's probably caused by gas, water retention, or having eaten too much. Here are ways to beat the
Here's the fat FAQ you need.
Ah, fat-that most complicated of all nutrients. To answer every question you've ever wondered about fat, talked to nutritionist Dave Clark Sison, M.S., R.N.D., who tells us why we need it, why we hate it,
It takes exercise, but hey, the good fat burns calories!
A study recently published in the journal Cell Metabolism shows that it's possible to turn bad body fat into good fat.But first, the difference. Bad fat, or white fat, is what we commonly know as flab. It's what makes
Says ~*science*~.
When you get married, will you really say hello to a #DadBod or a #MomBod, even if you don't want to? We observed that people tend to get fat when they're married. But why is that? A recent study in
This study shows a relation between noise pollution and belly fat!
A Swedish study found that belly fat could be related to traffic noise!Published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine, the research showed a link between exposure to road traffic, rail, and aircraft noise pollution and midriff bulge-one of the most harmful types
Sara, 32, talks about dating and body confidence in the BBW community.
I go by the term BBW-Big, Beautiful Woman. Growing up, I lived in a small town. There wasn't that much of a dating pool. I was definitely never insecure, but I was involved with church and stuff back then, so