C'mon, celebrate your relationship and do something special this Valentine season. If you're still stumped for ideas, check out our roundup.
According to our Cosmo Hot Debate topic (which you can find on the homepage) over 60% of Cosmo.ph readers are happily in a relationship (as of press time). You may or may not like to celebrate Valentine's Day for a
Plan a low-key movie night with your man this Love Month. It's like he's meant to hit the cinema with you each week, with all the guy flicks lined up!
Grand, romantic gestures and elaborate dates are great, especially during Valentine season. But simple dates that include a low-key movie night with your man mean just as much if you're with the right person--and holding tickets to the right
The Philippine Volcanoes heartthrob will make you fall head over heels this Love Month! The rugby player is hot, hot, HOT--whether chilling in the bedroom or all dressed up for a date.
Single or coupled-up this Valentine season, you have at least one reason to celebrate the Love Month: a hot new Cosmo Online Hunk in the person of Philippine Volcanoes' Andrew Wolff! Single or coupled-up, he'll definitely make your heart
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