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It's also called 'shrimping.'
Toe sucking is one of those kinks that's more popular than you'd think, even though it seems like it's kind of a leap. While it might fall into the "foot fetish" category, toe sucking is also
'Foot jobs are awesome, but they're not the only thing you can do.'
As far as fetishisms and kinks go, the foot fetish is a classic. It's mainstream enough that most people have heard of it, yet still niche enough that it's kinky. But what is it about feet that turns
'If they touch me, I will be mad at you.'
Feet seem to be a very polarizing body part. People either think they're exceptionally gross or that they're super sexy. You may know someone who can't even stand the sight of bare feet. You also might know someone who
Buti na lang maganda ka?
Jico Joson1. It's a love-hate relationship with sandals, slippers, and peep-toe heels. And let's not even talk about those sexy ankle-strap heels. One look and you'll fall in love with them. So you'll try them
Ever wonder why guys pine over milky-white armpits and dainty feet? It's only because they can't resist the visceral instincts that come with being, well, a guy.
If you still don't know why your husband/boyfriend/father/brother take time off their busy schedule to sneak in some pornography viewing (yes, men watch X-rated movies, but it doesn't make them love you any less), the answer
So, have you got pretty feet? If you do, you've just unknowingly armed yourself with another form of sexual power over most men.
Men's lust for beautiful feet goes beyond a potent stare: it's onto some succulent shrimping, a.k.a., toe-sucking, to enhance foreplay and to feed their insatiable feet fetish.There's an ongoing debate about why men love