Statistically speaking, it's really weird NOT to fight on vacation.
The sheer concept of a couple's vacation sounds great-you're finally getting uninterrupted alone time with your boo in an exciting place, and snapping some cute pics to boot. But, ironically, this also adds so much pressure to
Your friends haaaaate you guys at this point.
1. It seems to be happening more and more often. It's normal to fight sometimes, but if you feel like even a "Can you pick up Bagel Bites on the way home?" text turns into an e-screaming match, it's
LQs are no fun especially when you're on vacation. Get on his good side again with these sweet and sensual tricks.
Breaking the ice after an LQ can be tricky. To help get you back in the bliss zone when it's over, Anthony E. Wolf, PhD, author of Why Can't You Shut Up?, offers three totally easy tricks you can try
Fighting is inevitable in any relationship. But learning how to emerge from quarrels as a stronger couple makes all the difference. Read on to see how.
Disputes with your man are no fun, but they're bound to occur--whether you've been married for years or you're fresh out of the dating phase. You may worry that the loving bonds you've established in your relationship
Following a huge fight, there's an abyss of awkwardness between you and him. Get back on good terms this way.
What's more nerve-wracking than a knock-down, drag-out with your guy? Think of the hours or days after you've made up but before you're back to your usual level of closeness. Though no longer actively pissed, you'
Did you encounter a major bump in the relationship? Cosmo gives you tips on restoring the peace effectively.
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