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It ranked higher than French, Greek, and Spanish cuisine.
According to research by Chef's Pencil, Filipino cuisine is the 10th most popular cuisine as showcased on Instagram. The social media platform might not be the jury handing out Michelin stars, but for people who love to eat, it'
'Yummy! I LOVE Adobo!'
Remember when these cuties tried tuyo, dinuguan, balut, and taho? Well, they're back for round two! These Filipino dishes aren't as ~*extreme*~ as the previous dishes, which was probably why they had more chill this time around. VIDEO: CutFollow Ysa
Spotted in Salcedo Market!
Updated: September 5, 2016According to, Nigella was spotted in Salcedo Market over the weekend, where she reportedly had some fruit shake and buko. Click here to view her photos!***British culinary goddess Nigella Lawson, who is one of the Food
Want to see the palate-tickling treats we got to taste at Sentro 1771?
If there's one thing we Pinay Cosmo chicks should be proud of, it's our heritage of culinary smarts. Whether it's your mom, lola, or tita who brings in the bestseller dishes during get-togethers and reunions, there's always
Dine with the girls in this zesty cafe at The Fort, stocked with delectable local dishes and gourmet meals-to-share at reasonable prices.
A lot of domesticated Cosmo chicks are probably familiar with Gourdo's for their kitchenware and specialty food treats. But, we recommend you also try their cafe at The Fort, which traces its beginnings back to an old and abandoned Italian restaurant.
Flavorful food, check; awesome ambiance, check. End the month on a loving note in these restos with your man.
Thai at Silk Little Asia, G/F Serendra Piazza, 26th St., Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig; (02) 856-0386 to 87; open everyday from 11:30AM to 3PM and from 6:30PM to 11:30PM Love Mood: Exotic Thai aromas meet bright,
Hosting a dinner party in your flat? Nothing spells s-a-r-a-p better than Pinoy dishes. Try these easy recipes, courtesy of Anne Quinio.