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13 Asian gems?! What more can we ask for?
June is a huuuge month for Asian titles 'cause we've got a whole lot of them dropping on Netflix! So what exactly is in store for us next month? Well, we have a slew of local films (Maledicto, Cara
Our summer just got better!
Tired of being stuck at home for the second summer in a row and having to pay for the numerous streaming services to keep you entertained? Yup, we all are. Look no further 'cause the video streaming platform that ~started it
We've got Filipino, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Korean content coming our way!
For May, Netflix outdid itself with the variety of Asian content coming to the platform. We've got our very own Filipino films, a mysterious Thai series, heart-tugging Indian films, a Chinese fantasy drama, and beloved Korean dramas-yup, all
Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving!
We're about to cross on over to December, which means we'll be getting an overload of *cheesy* holiday goodness on Netflix, right? Well, yes-but that's not all! Apart from new Korean titles hitting the streaming
You can also stream films by TBA Studios on this site!
Remember early in 2020 when micro-cinemas were still a thing you could go to in Metro Manila? The small intimate spaces made for a different kind of viewing experience. And while we keep our fingers crossed for the day they open
Which one is on the top of your ~must watch~ list? (Real talk: ALL OF THEM)
There's definitely one thing we always look forward to as we enter a new month: a brand new slate of Netflix titles! For November, though, we're ~gifted~ with our very own Filipino films. We've got a
A heartfelt romance, a wild comedy, and a feelsy drama!
Netflix's Top 10 Most Watched feature is a handy way to gauge what titles are most popular in your country. But more often than not, international titles like Hollywood blockbusters and top-rating Korean dramas reign supreme here in the