It's probably yours, too.
English actress Millie Bobby Brown was able to visit the Philippines in 2016, back when she was promoting Season 1 of Stranger Things. During a recent interview with ABS-CBN for her latest film, Godzilla, the 15-year-old revealed that she
Of course! So Pinay!
Kelsey Merritt, the New York-based first Pinay Victoria's Secret angel has been counting down for her trip back home for days. Kelsey's been posting on her Instagram feed and IG stories about things she's looking forward to back
She literally brings a piece of the Philippines wherever she goes!
Filipino fans of Sandara Park were amused to find out that their South Korean idol keeps a stash of her favorite Filipino chocolate anywhere she goes.Dara attended Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, and the 34-year-old YG Entertainment talent
As well as adobo, pancit palabok, and ube!
Let's get this out of the way: For everyone who doesn't know what a "mukbang" is, it is a show or video of someone consuming large amounts of food while talking to an audience. That said, Stephanie Soo
Their dishes keep changing and evolving.
Located along Jupiter St., Persephone - A Seasonal Kitchen has a distinct taste and ~vibe~ that sets it apart from the rest.We're sure you've seen Persephone's gorgeous floral mural all over your Instagram's Explore page, but what will
Don’t go straight to your gate!
Are you about to cross another ~dream destination~ off your list?If, by some miracle, you get to the airport hours before your flight, don't head for your gate just yet. Grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat
Can you tell the difference?
Whenever foreigners ask which food they should try first, you probably automatically recommend adobo. Dubbed as the Philippines' "national dish," adobo is a household favorite; in fact, I know someone who eats it two to three times a week. But when it
'Yummy! I LOVE Adobo!'
Remember when these cuties tried tuyo, dinuguan, balut, and taho? Well, they're back for round two! These Filipino dishes aren't as ~*extreme*~ as the previous dishes, which was probably why they had more chill this time around. VIDEO: CutFollow Ysa
Say hello to Ensaymada, Halo-halo, Tinola, and more!
Fine Arts student Basil Nacionales, who also goes by the handle B-Tan, has come up with cute "food babies." As their name implies, the cute characters are based on Filipino food.Nacionales explained in an interview that she "got hungry while
These cuties are hilarious!
Have you ever attempted feeding a child something green or healthy? Because let us tell you, it's impossible. Parents need to get creative about hiding vegetables in ~*cute*~ food. Children are notorious for being picky eaters, so we're actually pretty
Spotted in Salcedo Market!
Updated: September 5, 2016According to, Nigella was spotted in Salcedo Market over the weekend, where she reportedly had some fruit shake and buko. Click here to view her photos!***British culinary goddess Nigella Lawson, who is one of the Food
Because nothing beats Filipino food.
Pan de sal French Toast with Caramelized Bananas and Kesong Puti Get the recipe here! Nutty Tsokolate Get the recipe here! Maria Clara Get the recipe here! Fried Suman with Butter, Panucha, and Queso De Bola Get the recipe here! Grilled Ensaymada
Want to see the palate-tickling treats we got to taste at Sentro 1771?
If there's one thing we Pinay Cosmo chicks should be proud of, it's our heritage of culinary smarts. Whether it's your mom, lola, or tita who brings in the bestseller dishes during get-togethers and reunions, there's always
Dine with the girls in this zesty cafe at The Fort, stocked with delectable local dishes and gourmet meals-to-share at reasonable prices.
A lot of domesticated Cosmo chicks are probably familiar with Gourdo's for their kitchenware and specialty food treats. But, we recommend you also try their cafe at The Fort, which traces its beginnings back to an old and abandoned Italian restaurant.
As summer draws to a close, find new ways to bond with your friends. Invite your old pals or new blockmates to try these new restos at The Fort!
Think you've seen all there is to see at The Fort? Well, think again. There's a new hot spot to check out at Bonifacio Global City that houses some of the best new restos in town. The Venice
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