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Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're big on making and ~preserving~ memories, which is why we're fans of film cameras-whether they're the disposable kind or actual analog ones. We know they can be *quite* expensive,
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Have you ever wondered what it's like to manage a business with your barkada? Content creators Rei Germar, Hazel Quing, Ry Velasco, Jammy Cruz, Migy Romulo, and Suzelle Lumbera would definitely know. Just a few months ago, they launched The
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One of the things I like about Facebook and Instagram is that they have the "Memories" and "Archives" feature. Don't get me wrong, I agree that sometimes it can feel pretty cringey to see what the app can dig up
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Thanks to technology, we can connect and share photos with people in a split second. In this fast-paced world, film photography is one activity you can try to get away from the everyday rush. Plus, it has a distinct vintage character
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Hello there! If you've been wanting to get into film photography for quite some time now, then you know just how *expensive* analog cameras can be. They can go from P2,500 to almost P10,000 and above for certain
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Film cameras are cool and fun to have, but most of the time, you gotta spend extra money on them. There's buying the camera itself, ordering rolls of film, and paying a separate expense for you to get the pics
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When it comes to cute and casual outfits + low-key poses to try, we always turn to our fave celebs and influencers for inspo. We just love seeing them on Instagram! But did you know that some content creators actually have their
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With the arrival of our smartphones, we are able to take pictures, see what they look like, and upload them online instantaneously for all the world to see. There is, however, a certain charm that comes with snapping photos using an actual