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I’m not quite sure what the future will bring.
Less than a year ago, I started a job at a new company-a fresh start I badly needed after the company I worked for decided to shift its focus. I wasn't happy with the changes they made so I looked
Balak niyo bang kumuha ng joint account?
So you're planning to get married: Congratulations on deciding to take the leap! While we know that you're more than ready to move on to the next phase of your life, importante pa rin na mag-focus sa
Do you feel like you're not financially free? Read on.
Financial freedom: That's what everybody wants. Whether you're a fresh grad or a few years into the wonderful world of employment, everyone just wants to have enough room to breathe. If you're not sure what financial
After you've paid your reservation and downpayment for your dream property, getting a bank loan is one of the next steps. Atty. Tricia Villar answers some questions that may be bugging you. What kind of collateral is acceptable to the bank?
Is your partner making you feel guilty about spending?
People are becoming more open to talking about religion, politics, and sex, but for some reason, money is still considered taboo. According to financial expert Daniel Crosby, "it is such a loaded question and there is so much subtext and hidden meaning
Most people are financially illiterate and terrible at saving.
1. You're in charge of your own income. Some financial planners will take on a commission-based role, where they're paid a percentage for each client they see. Other financial planners work on a flat fee, which earns a flat
Ditch your excuses and flex your budgeting muscles with this quick guide.
Let's get started: Definition of termsOne-time expenses: You'll need up to three months' worth of advance rent and deposit each, and money for furniture and appliances, unless you can borrow from your parents.Recurring expenses: There's rent, association
Personal finance coach Joe Ferreria shares a shortlist of simple investment opportunities that can boost the value of your savings.
Are money matters bringing you down? Read columnist Bianca Valerio's tips on little things you can do daily to stuff the piggy bank!
As the cost of living slowly but surely rises, so does the frustration: How on earth can anyone build a nest egg on such a limited salary? Well, believe it or not, as overwhelming as it sounds, it can be done. The
Get a sneak peek into your financial future for the new year with Cosmo's annual astrological guide. Click through the pages for your sign.
AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)You will have to make a major career decision this year, Cosmo chick. The choice will not be easy because there are a lot of factors to consider. Certain people and situations will try to affect your