I told myself that in 2020, I would try again.
The internet has witnessed the highs and lows of my dating life: I've shared my LDR story (Spoiler: That's over); and I've also done a Bumble experiment to amp up my dating pool. Needless to say, I like being
Yes, I'm literally telling you to set your phone's timer. Here's why...
The second date gives you a true sense of his love potential.
So much ink has been spilled on the anxiety of a first date. After all the witty text banter (that may or may not lead to a toyfriend), and eventually meeting in person, you land yourself a first date that actually leaves
Trust, this will weed out all the bad apples on your roster.
Fact: First dates are The Worst. They're basically tipsy job interviews. But there's way more to talk about than those cliché questions you've probably already backstalked anyway.TL;DR: Take the risk and ask your date exactly
Because, 'What do you do?' is dull.
With all the nerves and freaking out over what to wear, thinking of first date questions can tip your pre-date worrying over the edge. But these conversation starters, from expert and author, Elizabeth Kuhnke, will let you actually get to know
First dates are a recipe for embarrassing yourself. You're both nervous. You don't know each other well. It's easy to put your foot in your mouth and say the wrong thing, or fumble with the menu.
No need to stress over your outfit!
So you've got a first date coming up? Below, we list down pretty outfit ideas for the occasion to choose from-no need to stress over your OOTD anymore! Instead, throw on a tough denim jacket over a polkadot frock
#14 is a crime against humanity.
If you're traveling more than 30 minutes to this supposed hidden gem of a bar, it better be somewhere legitimately great and not just the closest pub near their place (which he insists on going to after two drinks).His
This is the most useless 'rule' ever.
A rule I've broken on every first date is "don't talk about your exes." It's not that I have an overwhelming need to vent about my dating history, but the fact that I can't
It ended up pretty much like any other first date.
Imagine going on a first date with some random stranger you met on Tinder-but instead of drinks, you go to Hawaii for a full weekend and have cameras in your faces the entire time. Is it really going to end up
'Are you still in love with your ex?'
First dates are for testing chemistry, getting to know each other on a very basic level, and generally trying really hard to present oneself as a human being who has their shit together. So real, probing questions are generally off the table.
Hint: Less is more.
Let's admit it. First dates can make you feel both excited and nervous. And while most choose to go all out on the preparations, a new study suggests that two people having a simple first date can still have some long-
By a 17-year-old.
Instagram/piawurtzbachIt's been well over a month since Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won the prestigious pageant, but she has yet to get any solid proposals from the male personalities she was linked to.This time around, a 17-year-old
No matter how many times you've gone on dates, it's normal to still feel nervous about that FIRST date.
Hobbies and interestsKnowing each other's hobbies and passions allows you to see if you have anything in common-whether it's reading books (What was the last novel you read?), enjoying art galleries (Have you ever been to the Ayala Museum?),
'Sooo...why are you still single?' #ByeFelicia
Guys, listen up: The first date is like the first page of a book. It could be the beginning of the most beautiful chapters in your life. OR SHE COULD SHUT THE BOOK RIGHT THERE AND THEN because of some dumb thing
First dates exist to remind us that deep down, we're all just awkward human beings.
1. The Awkward Silence It's like a first date rite of passage. It is completely normal but awkward silence is still, well, awkward. You both could have just met, or you have met but this is your first time being alone
"People tell me I look like James Franco."
Anne Thériault, a writer from Toronto, happened to be a witness to what was probably one of the worst dates in the history of romance and the results are pretty hilarious. Thériault told Mashable she decided to document the date
Finding the perfect first date outfit generally ends with a ravaged closet, a clothes-strewn room, and panic.
1. Skirt with Converse.This outfit says, "I enjoy foreign films and browsing H&M Home for the most esoteric room decorations." You threw this outfit together after browsing Zara for the perfect dress, until you realized you'd have to
We got some players of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, this year's men's basketball champs, plus their fans and other athletes to share some dating tips! (Also see game snapshots!)
The Ateneo Blue Eagles claimed the UAAP Season 74 men's basketball championship title--their fourth in a row--last Saturday, October 1, at the Araneta Coliseum. The Eagles beat the FEU Tamaraws on Game 2 of the Season 74 Finals, 82-
Really like the guy? Here are some ways to make an awesome first impression, and keep him coming back for more.
Bust out these moves the next time you're hanging with a dude you really want to see again. The phone will definitely ring.1. Give him encouragement. Say something like "I had a great time tonight" before you part ways. A
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