...because people will always be judgmental.
There's a saying that first impressions last, and science says it may be because of the factors that people evaluate you with.In a feature on Business Insider, Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy says that you are initially judged based
Turns out, what we say and do when we first meet someone has a crazy amount of impact. Use these tips to wow six people you always want on your side.
You know first impressions count, but new research reveals just how much. According to a study from Ohio State University, the kind of relationship we'll have with someone (superficial versus meaningful) is set within three minutes of meeting them. And, that
The next time you chat up a guy at a party or bar, watch how he drinks--it can tell you a lot about his mood and intentions.
He grips his long-neck loosely.Lightly encircling the top of his beer bottle with his thumb and index finger reveals that he's confident. Not only does the relaxed gesture indicate he feels in control of the situation, but it's
Find out how to avoid awkward silences and engage in interesting talks at your next social gathering.
1. Make an effort to stay informed. Before going to a social event, catch up on the news and check out the web for some conversation starters so you'll have fascinating things to talk about. Just be sure to skip heavy
We got some players of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, this year's men's basketball champs, plus their fans and other athletes to share some dating tips! (Also see game snapshots!)
The Ateneo Blue Eagles claimed the UAAP Season 74 men's basketball championship title--their fourth in a row--last Saturday, October 1, at the Araneta Coliseum. The Eagles beat the FEU Tamaraws on Game 2 of the Season 74 Finals, 82-
New in school or your workplace? Try these simple tips for making the best impact on your new classmates and coworkers.
It's always a challenge to be the newbie. While it may be daunting to introduce yourself to new classmates or coworkers, you always want to put your best foot forward right at the beginning. A positive rapport is essential for you
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