That is bold, sir.
Before Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas made it official with her humongous Tiffany & Co. diamond ring, they were mere Met Gala red carpet buddies. But now that they're on their way to the altar, Priyanka is dishing the dirt on
The love of your life could be waiting for YOU.
In an ideal world, women would be asking men out like it ain't no thang. But no matter how far we've come in claiming rights, breaking barriers, and challenging the patriarchy in the last few centuries, when it comes to
His friend likes you. #BroCode.
1. He's hoping that you'll make the first move. They used to say that guys should be the first one to initiate contact-but hey, it's the 21st century. Please lang. Women are bolder and more confident now. Besides,
Cosmo's all about being fun and fearless, and we'd like to hear from girls who conquered their fear of being rejected.
This month, celebrate the season of love by reminiscing those moments when you made the first move to hook that guy for good. Did you send him an anonymous text? Prepare a surprise homemade lunch and flirty note at work? Or did
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