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To quote Jake Peralta from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', 'She makes us feel things.'
When I was in third grade, I remember my friend would always sing at the top of her lungs to "You Belong With Me" in our classroom. Out of curiosity, I asked her what the title of the song was. From there,
'I thought this was a fairy tale come true. It turned out to be a complete horror story.'
It was during the last round of very strict lockdown in August 2021 when I started using a dating app. As an NBSB, I have been very cautious when it comes to relationships. Ideally, I would like to meet *the one* organically.
It allowed me to think and reevaluate major life decisions.
Back then, every time I would think about what my life would be like when I turn 30, I'd imagine working a corporate job in the big city and having my own apartment. I didn't think that I&#
'I couldn't see myself staying anywhere else but here.'
Whenever someone asks me to describe myself, I would usually start by saying, I'm a small-town girl who moved to the Metro to pursue my love for design. You see, that was something I couldn't really do
The city never loses its charm and its ability to make me feel better.
Eight months before the pandemic hit, I was in Dubai in search of "the dream," and after a crazy amount of effort, I landed a job in a fashion and beauty production house. I got the chance to shoot by myself in
All in all, the process took around an hour.
It's only been around a month since I moved back to New York for work. A lot has gotten lost in the mix of moving into a new apartment and starting a new job. And if not for the occasional post
'I've been so much healthier and my mind has dramatically become more at peace.'
Before I moved back to Bacolod, my hometown, I stayed in BGC. I just lived a few blocks away from our office building so I simply walked to and from work. On most days, I was just within the Taguig and Makati
Please stop questioning my queerness.
For the first 23 years of my life, I was afraid to be myself because of how I saw the media treat bisexual women. I mean, look at what happened to Aubrey Plaza. When it was announced that she, our favorite bisexual
It's all fun and games until you have to lie about your boss's poop schedule.
When you work on television and movie sets for a living, your employment is inconsistent at best. You'll be on one project for a few months, then you'll be scrambling to find your next gig. I was recently in this
'It is where I feel at peace, a place where I can grow.'
No really, it's called rumpology.
I can't remember when I first heard about rumpology, but I think it was while listening to an episode from Last Podcast on the Left. The hosts talked about how it's kind of a pseudoscience that involved psychics,
One writer asks whether we should reframe our thinking.
Fingers shaking as I spruced my hair on camera, I tried to remember to breathe. I had my smartest jumper on, paired with pajama bottoms and a big, wavering lump in my throat. It was March 2021, and I was going to
I took the biggest leap and it paid off—I *love* the probinsya life.
I dreamed of living by the sea one day, but I always thought it would be the far, faaar future. Little did I know that "one day" would be one year after the pandemic started. I lived in Manila all 32 years
'I allow myself to relax more. I take the time to be grateful.'
I never thought I'd be the kind of person who used self-improvement apps. I always assumed I'd be able to navigate life's hurdles without having to resort to external help of that sort, because somehow the universe always
Cell phones are dirtier than toilets. Just saying.
For longer than I'd like to admit, sex was a bedroom-only activity for me. I'd do it in my bed, on the floor, and sometimes bent over my desk if I was feeling kinky enough. But I've recently
I wanted to do the job to the best of my abilities but without compromising myself.
It's been a while since I had a steady income. When I decided to pursue my graduate studies in 2019, I left my full-time job and started freelancing. As any freelancer would know, projects could come sporadically or all at
One writer recreates all of Billie's steamiest NSFW moments.
When Netflix's new series Sex/Life dropped a couple of weeks ago, I immediately added it to my queue. Your girl loves a good sex scene, and this show clearly had plenty.And reader, they did not disappoint. When watching
Cycling not only helped with my physical wellness, but also my mental health.
During the early days of the pandemic, I tried developing new hobbies because I wanted to find ways to cope with my emotions and internal struggles. The routine of being at home was getting to be too much on my mental health.
'It gave me something to look forward to after work.'
Up until I graduated from college, my relationship with my body and fitness, in general, has always been relatively okay. I've been a taekwondo athlete since I was nine years old, but I stopped when I turned 20. Since it
Including sex in a bathroom, in the kitchen, and more.
Hey there, Upper East Siders. I wanted to do something very "scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite" to honor the return of the series.But because I can't jet off to Spain with some guy I just met or write a