Truly, #GOALS.
Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales, 50, just looks better with age! The supermodel and lifestyle personality gave us the push we needed to get off our lazy asses and finally work out. Tweetie, a mom of four grown kids (!!!), posted a behind-the-
Despite her busy schedule, the Barden Bella finds time to put in the work.
These days, Hollywood is all over Hailee Steinfeld and it's about damn time! Since her role in 2011's True Grit put her on the map, the part-Filipino actress has been working nonstop. Hailee joined the Pitch Perfect cast in
Girl's healthier now than she was during her 'High School Musical' days.
Everyone's been talking about Zac Efron's shredded body, and rightfully so. But another High School Musical veteran deserves a little praise as well. Vanessa Hudgens is on top of her fitness game, and we seriously cannot look away. See for
You can ~totally~ do this.
Even a busy girl like Kendall Jenner knows how important it is to squeeze in a workout on the daily. Her go-to routine hits all the right spots and is only 11 minutes long, so say goodbye to all your excuses.
It's obviously working.
It's said that abs are made in the kitchen, but it turns out the same goes for Gigi Hadid's butt. At a recent Reebok event, during which Gigi revealed that her fitness goal leading up to the 2016 Victoria's
We all know sex can be quite the workout.
1. Dance!Whether it's in a class or just in your bedroom, dancing requires a lot of movement. It's a fun and easy way to get those endorphins going. A lot of gyms offer Zumba classes, but if you're
'There's no way I can ask if he has a girlfriend. It would seem like I'm coming onto him. But I'm genuinely just curious.'
1. I definitely should've shaved my armpits.And probably my legs too.2. I wonder if he thinks I'm fit?Not sexy-fit, but fit-fit. I held that last plank for AGES.3. I wonder if he has a
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