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'Gusto ko ring magpahinga and just to have fun and to let go.'
Yassi Pressman is ready to get back on her fitness game in 2022.The actress took to IG to share how she went on what she calls a "fitness hibernation" in 2021, which for her is totally okay."I had fun letting
There's more to it than just working out.
Kathryn Bernardo is the definition of Fitness Goals. We mean, have you seen her Instagram posts? Whether she's holed up at home or stuck in lock-in taping for her newest teleserye, the actress remains diligent in keeping her body toned
'For 10 years, I was hungry.'
For the longest time, the quest for beauty has been all about chasing unrealistic standards. For instance, moms have been subjected to an unspoken rule to bounce back and achieve their pre-pregnancy bodies after giving birth. But things are looking up
'Now that we've picked up the pace, can't wait to work out again!'
Andi Eigenmann recently shared a "progress report" on her postpartum fitness journey.The island mama recently took to IG Stories to share an update on her post-pregnancy body."First progress report in ages!" she wrote in her post, featuring a photo
See how she worked towards achieving her fitness goals.
If there's anything we've learned over the past couple of years, it's that our health is definitely a priority. As a responsible adult, you gotta keep tabs on your physical and mental wellbeing. Now more than
'Don't let the perception of others dim your light.'
On September 21, Angel Locsin posted a series of cute mirror selfies on Instagram with the caption, "Remember to love every inch of you." The post quickly made headlines with commenters pointing out and reacting to her weight loss.The next day,
'I was never really confident in my own body until just recently.'
For most of my grade school and high school life, I was on the badminton varsity team. I wasn't the best player in the roster. I wasn't even the strongest hitter, highest jumper, or the most agile. If
Trust me, you'll love this.
I've long accepted that I can't do intense workouts. I just don't enjoy them. I also have no plans of "glowing up" while in quarantine but I exercise every day to keep my body healthy. It&#
'[It] has improved my physique, strength, endurance, and overall wellness.'
We all know how dedicated Kris Bernal is to her health, so much so that she even created #KRISMADEMEDOIT workout videos that feature some of her favorite exercise moves. Needless to say, all the work she's put into her fitness
'It gave me something to look forward to after work.'
Up until I graduated from college, my relationship with my body and fitness, in general, has always been relatively okay. I've been a taekwondo athlete since I was nine years old, but I stopped when I turned 20. Since it
And she did it the ~*healthy*~ way.
It's looking like 2021 is really Bea Alonzo's ~Year of Health~! In February, the actress showed us what a typical day is like for her during the pandemic-and it involved squeezing in not one but *two* workouts:
She responded to a netizen who tried to bring down her celebratory post.
If you've been following Pauleen Luna these past few months, you'd have noticed that she's been consistent in updating about her fitness journey. She's taken up pilates and indoor cycling, apart from making dietary
Don't forget to follow the safety protocols!
Let's be real: While we all love how convenient food deliveries can be, nothing beats the feeling of actually going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your go-to meal. After spending a lot of time at home this past
It's a necessary lifestyle change.
Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS affects a lot of women, most of whom aren't even aware they have this condition because of how common the symptoms are: irregular menstruation, unexplainable weight gain, male pattern hair growth, and acne breakouts. Often,
'I've accepted that it's a slow progress, but slow is better than none.'
Pauleen Luna is inching closer to her weight goal. On Instagram, the host and celebrity mom proudly showed off a slimmer bod and revealed that she had already lost 20 pounds."No filter. Just love and care for my body. Slowly reaching
Step one: Know it's gonna take time.
Our goal is to publish weight-loss content with integrity, science-backed reporting, and insight on what you can realistically accomplish while attempting to lose weight in a healthy way. We feel it's important for you to know that the biological
Let these local celebs inspire you to start moving again.
Somewhere in the world, there are people who wake up before their alarms, are energized without needing two cups of coffee, and can spend an hour every day exercising before clocking in for work. I don't know those people. My
Here's what workouts with hubby VJ Yambao have been like during the pandemic.
In case you missed it, Camille Prats and husband VJ Yambao shared their fitness routine and everything they've done for their health during the pandemic. You may have noticed that Camille's been extra dedicated to her exercises and
Have you been following her Instagram workouts?
Lately, I find myself looking forward to Andi Eigenmann's Instagram Stories more than yoosh because of her daily workouts. I don't know, it feels like I'm doing it with her, you know? To be clear, I