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I wasn't always this active.
As of writing, I've done 27 workouts in eight weeks, clocking in 737 minutes of exercise. But let me backtrack to where I was, because I wasn't always this active.When I used to be a regular employee, I spent
When it comes to style, hers is always on point.
Ever since Erich Gonzales traded her signature long locks for a fresher blunt bob, we couldn't help but notice that her OOTDs also shifted from sweet to smokin' hot as well.Here's our October cover girl and these
Yes, do tell me more about how women with big muscles are 'disgusting.'
Something I realized recently is that when I talk about going to the gym with friends who don't like going to the gym, I pretend like I secretly hate working out in order to seem more Normal and Relatable. I realize
'I found out through some messages on his Facebook where they were calling me a cow just trashing me.'
The only thing worse than finding out that your husband cheated on you is finding out that he and his mistress has been making fun of you behind your back. And that's exactly what Betsy Ayala had to endure. Having just
'It's okay to set fitspiration goals, but I urge you to be your own peg.'
Before I decided to prioritize my health, I weighed 226 pounds-I was at my biggest. And I wore a dress size of 22. My daily lunch consisted of McDonald's; not just one meal, but an order of two-piece chicken
It's all about the angle.
No one goes out of their way to post unflattering photos of themselves on social media-and hey, no shade. But the tendency to post only your most perfect pictures creates a sense of false reality where everyone you follow seems flawless.
These girls serve as major motivation!
As much as we love memes and posts about puppies, help yourself stay motivated so you can actually achieve your fitness goals this year. Ahead are ten fit Pinays whose Instagram accounts will encourage you to hit the gym, or at least,
With insane abs, to boot!
Nessa, a 39-year-old from Luxembourg, grew up playing basketball and eating whatever she wanted without gaining any weight.Four years ago, Nessa started a new demanding job in finance, and she started gaining weight. "I was focused on my job
Tandem exercises for you and bae!
Even the fittest, most dedicated person needs a little push (and extra motivation) sometimes-power couple Patricia Ramos and Mico Resurreccion can attest to that. That's why we turned to this fit duo to help us with some workouts that you
This photo was taken a few seconds apart!
Jessica Pack, a fitness Instagrammer behind the account Planking for Pizza, recently posted a selfie showing what seems to be a before-and-after workout photo.But would you believe that photo was just taken a few seconds apart? It's Jessica'
This Instagram star's post is getting all the likes for all the right reasons.
Most people can't remotely relate to the ~*fitspirational~* accounts all over Instagram-mostly because the crazy-fit people featured appear to be Nothing. Like. You. After all, they wear bikinis like this:They eat like this: And they frequently happen to
Make their tricks yours and flat abs should (in theory) follow.
Amazing abs are much easier to envy than to come by-and it's no secret that perfect abs take a whole lot of work. To get the core you want, just follow the daily practices of women with the strongest, flattest
Who's your favorite?
1. Alyssa ValdezA dominating force on the court, this Ateneo Lady Eagle has captured the nation. Now, she's got a number of product endorsements under her belt and a social media following that rivals some of the hottest celebrities. Don't
Need some fitspiration? This is it.
And just like that, we're halfway through 2015. Are you still holding on to that "stay healthy" resolution? We know just as well as anyone that reaching your fitness goal is tough work. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of
This A-list fitness trainer totally kicked our ass!
We adore Nicole Winhoffer. Not only is she a badass fitness trainer to Hollywood's biggest stars, she's also one of the most inspiring and down-to-earth women we've ever met. We were super excited to join her during
Meet the woman responsible for Madonna's rockin' bod.
We have found our new fitness guru: Nicole Winhoffer! In case you haven't heard of her yet, here are five things you should know about this #fitspirational woman:1. She is a world-renowned fitness trainer. She was Madonna's personal
Weekend food binge? Don't feel guilty!
So you've been sticking to your diet all week long-congratulations! But then the weekend creeps in and you suddenly lose control, and before you know it you've finished a whole bag of chips and two cans of Coke.Okay,
Motivators: Ellen Adarna, Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis, and the Victoria's Secret Angels.
We all love to eat. Food's just way too delicious to pass up, especially when you know it's bad for you (guilty as charged). But before you indulge in another slice of cake, you might want to watch these videos
Fly your way into getting Bubbles Paraiso's hot bod!
Want to look as good as model and TV personality Bubbles Paraiso? We interviewed Rianna Gatus of Beyond Yoga for Bubbles' AntiGravity Yoga workout regimen. Use Bubbles as your Fitspiration and check out our Q&A below:What is AntiGravity Yoga (AGY)?"
Want to know how to get Anne's sexy bod? Here's what you have to do!
Don't we all we wish we could wake up one day looking like Anne Curtis? She may be blessed with great genes, but it's her diligent exercise regimen that keeps her in tip-top shape.So how can we achieve