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There's no graceful way to pick your shorts out of your crotch. Or is there?
1. They fit great in the morning, but by the end of the day, they're saggy and draggy.Solution: Shorts with stretch will hold their shape much better than those without.2. They leave your butt hanging out in the back. beauty columnist Bianca Valerio offers some tips for salvaging broken makeup and creating DIY lip balm.
Twitter question from @Ayzeerina: "How does one repair broken lipstick?... How do I 'glue' it back?"Great question! It's such a waste to just throw away broken pieces of makeup you can still use. In one episode of F.A.S.
"He's perfect, but..." Do you find yourself saying this? Learn how to subtly weed out the little things that get on your nerves without hurting him.
So, you've scored a great boyfriend--except there's this little blip, like he's obsessed with his hair, or he wears hideous bling. Other people probably don't see the flaw, but it drives you freakin' nuts. Let us help.
Make sense out of life's little (and big) messes.