You’ll want to ditch your sneakers, rn.
There's a reason nude flats are referred to as timeless classics, and, to this day, remain a staple shoe that truly goes well with everything. Here, four celebs show us how:Alex Gonzaga takes advantage of the neutral palette and pairs
Say goodbye to aching feet!
These pairs will look just as *fab* in all your holiday 'grams as the regular party heels. Say goodbye to aching legs and having to bring an extra pair for comfort.Borrowing from the boys never looked this chic! You can wear
Note to self: What would Wonder Woman wear?
At 5'10", Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot doesn't exactly need help in the height department. She can tower over some people any day, with or without heels. But given how society normally equates red carpet events to high, high heels,
Give your feet a break.
Any career girl who's always on the go-not to mention regularly commuting-knows the value of a good pair of flats. Heels are great and all, but if you intend to get around, comfy flat shoes are your best bet.
You'll need at least one of these during the holidays.
When shopping for shoes to take you through all your parties this season, you'll want to look for pairs that are eye-catching enough to go with your carefully planned outfits-but also won't leave your feet screaming for pain
We NEED these.
We've ALL been there: either stuck at the end of the day with an impending commute and nothing but pain in your poor, worn-heels-all-day feet OR, ready to go for drinks after work with nothing but your boring,
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