Is a romantic relationship written in the stars for you this summer? Click through for your sign and find out!
ARIES Throughout the beginning of the summer season, you may feel a strong urge to go and grab a luscious cutie by the arm and have your way with him. However, you may focus more on your needs, making it quite a
A summer fling is fun, but know when to set your own limits. If you’d rather wait until you’re seriously dating before having sex with your new guy, Cosmo tells you how to draw the line.
So you've met a hot new dude, and everything's so perfect, you're sure <em>this is it!</em> Find out if the passion is made to last--or will soon fizzle out like a bonfire.
1. There's no June. If your new guy is tentative about discussing the future (as in, post-summer), he may consider your situation to be strictly casual. That said, most budding relationships focus on the present rather than the future, because
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