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Learn how to be the girl every guy wants to talk to. Here are the tricks to attracting them with your words--and actions.
If you're single, you've no doubt heard a ton of dos and don'ts when it comes to talking to men: Never bring up heavy topics, ask lots of questions, be a good listener, and don't yap too much.
Too shy to flirt outright? Let him know you're attracted and interested by sending out these signals.
The Over-The-Knee RubCross your legs, with the leg farthest away from him on top. Then, massage the spot just above your knee. This will catch his eye and tap in to his brain's arousal center.The Eyebrow LiftWhen he'
The next time you chat up a guy at a party or bar, watch how he drinks--it can tell you a lot about his mood and intentions.
He grips his long-neck loosely.Lightly encircling the top of his beer bottle with his thumb and index finger reveals that he's confident. Not only does the relaxed gesture indicate he feels in control of the situation, but it's
Learn to flirt without even opening your mouth. Master the body language tricks that will make guys go out of their way to meet you--and possibly date you on V-Day!
Everyone has that friend who constantly gets hit on--even though she may not be the prettiest girl in the group. Whether that beeyatch (kidding...kind of) realizes it or not, she's using silent cues that men inherently have a hard
Use these convo tricks, and you'll have him wrapped around your finger in no time.
1. Compliment something quirky. Tell him you always like lefties, praise his email humor, or if you're bold, lock eyes and say "I love the way you took charge of planning tonight." Noticing something unique shows you're focused on him
Learn the subtle differences that make for the perfect flirting style, and neither being <i>pakipot kuno</i> nor trying too hard.
Men love the thrill of the chase in the beginning, but they'll move on if their efforts aren't paying off. Try these tips for handling your new guy in different situations.1. CALLINGPakipot Kuno: Answering his calls with loud music
Always chickening out when you're just inches away from your crush? Our quickie blogger's latest revelation shows that you're not alone.