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Here's exactly what to say on your next date.
Flirting is one of those things that's always easier in theory. Sure, you understand intellectually that you are a charming person and that people want to talk to you, get to know you, and date you, but when you'
There’s nothing wrong with making the first move.
We no longer live in the dark ages, ladies. It is 100 percent okay (and even encouraged) to let someone know that you're interested. But because we know that this doesn't come naturally to a lot of you, we came
'When she makes eye contact. And then looks away. And then later makes eye contact again.'
Let's be honest: Sometimes, we wonder if our attempts at flirting actually hit the mark. We worry that we're coming on too strong (Is it too much to send him an unsolicited selfie?), or we worry that we're being
'It's not a big deal. I can do this.'
1. It's not a big deal. I can do this. I've had my eye on this guy for a while, but my current strategy of smiling prettily in a corner and hoping he'll ask me out hasn't done
Turns out we really can't be obvious enough
There's absolutely no reason why women can't hit on men literally whenever they want to. It should actually be encouraged, since men are sometimes terrible about bucking up and taking initiative. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, some men laid
He's touchy with you but also with everyone else.
1. He changes the topic as soon as you bring up how good you are at making out. You're having deep, meaningful talks, but he steers things away from anything sexual, even if you drop a double-entendre and try to
Are you more than a friend to him?
In this day and age of cellphones, Facebook, and online chat, guy lingo has grown more cryptic than ever. Whether he's in a mad rush or assumes you're a freaking mind reader, a man's typed messages can range from
Somehow, emojis don't translate...
1. Attempting to convey your feelings through a series of expressions and gestures is not anywhere near as cute as sending a stream of emojis. This is basically attempting to communicate solely through charades, which is horrible enough as a game, and
Are you shitty at flirting? Follow our handy guide, and your sparkling wit will have you crowned the Queen of Flirts in no time.
Flirting. It's not just an entry requirement for getting into the dating club, it's the very foundation on which attraction is built. When chatting with someone you like, playful chat and sparkling wit are what give someone the edge on
Never making a move ever and hoping he guesses that you like him.
1. Giggling nonstop like a clown on nitrous. I know, I know, men love it when you laugh at their jokes but here's the thing-if his jokes aren't funny, you're encouraging him to make more horrible jokes, and
Try to be nice, will you?
Does your resting bitch face make it hard for you to hit it off with guys? Don't worry, we know you're not doing it on purpose-well, at least not all the time. So here's a cheat sheet to
If you think he's worth the trouble, use one of these tips to lure him back on the dating track.
1. Seem Kinda Into Him. Send this short email: "I'm getting dinner with friends in your area. You around for a quick drink beforehand?" Translation: You are open to seeing him, but aren't about to devote a night to it.
It takes more than a killer outfit to get a guy to approach. Send out these signals, and hotties will be crossing the room just to get your digits.
Everyone has that friend who constantly gets hit on-even though she may not be the prettiest girl in the group. Whether that beeyatch (kidding...kind of) realizes it or not, she's using silent cues that men inherently have a hard
Learn how to be the girl every guy wants to talk to. Here are the tricks to attracting them with your words--and actions.
If you're single, you've no doubt heard a ton of dos and don'ts when it comes to talking to men: Never bring up heavy topics, ask lots of questions, be a good listener, and don't yap too much.
Too shy to flirt outright? Let him know you're attracted and interested by sending out these signals.
The Over-The-Knee RubCross your legs, with the leg farthest away from him on top. Then, massage the spot just above your knee. This will catch his eye and tap in to his brain's arousal center.The Eyebrow LiftWhen he'
Looking to meet a hot new man at a bar? Heed our advice so you can reel that studly stranger in!
1. The Attitude They Can't ResistWomen often find they're approached by guys more often when they're in a relationship than when single. Why? People who are in love have high levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with a good
The things that make a guy fall head over heels all find root in one intriguing factor. Snag that sweetie by following Cosmo's advice.
Glossy lips and amazing cleavage will inspire a guy to cross a crowded room, but when it comes to triggering that hit-by-a-truck (in a good way) feeling, less obvious factors are at play. "Although guys might not even realize
Master these secrets for winning over a guy friend, acquaintance, or sexy stranger effortlessly!
How To Make A Guy Friend See You As A Possible GirlfriendTake him out for a spicy dinner, like Mexican or Thai. The hot sensation triggers an unconscious personality association, so he'll see you as a fiery chick. Follow it up
Arm yourself with this fun ice-breaker wherever you go this summer. It could lead to a very interesting conversation between you and that hottie you're eying.
Hitting the beach this five-day weekend? Print out the following statements, cut them out and paste them onto little cards, then stash them in your travel bag.What to do: Break the ice with that hottie on the towel next to
The next time you chat up a guy at a party or bar, watch how he drinks--it can tell you a lot about his mood and intentions.
He grips his long-neck loosely.Lightly encircling the top of his beer bottle with his thumb and index finger reveals that he's confident. Not only does the relaxed gesture indicate he feels in control of the situation, but it's